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Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47-22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47-22857776 ePhorte, Training, Archives, Support, Counselling, Web publishing
Borge, Henrik Arnold Senior Executive Officer +47-22844053 Counselling, Archives, Courses, ePhorte, Mail room, Registry, Request for access to information, Records management, Support
Esborg, Line Associate Professor +47-22854919 Cultural history, Museums and Museology, Ethnography, Folklore and popular memory, Archives, Digital Humanities
Førland, Sigrid Senior Executive Officer +47-22858169 Archives, Counselling, Records management, Registry, ePhorte, Mail room, Support, Request for access to information, Courses
Hansen, Wiggo Bjørn Senior Adviser +47-22845317 Archive plan, Archives
Holsted, Are Adviser +47-22844058 Reporting, Support, Archives, Counselling, ePhorte, Training
Iranowska, Joanna Olga Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855235 Museums and Museology, Digitizing, Cultural heritage, Archives, Digital Humanities
Isaksdottir, Vilborg Halldis Senior Adviser +47-22844052 Archives, Request for access to information, ePhorte, Registry, Records management, Mail room
Julshamn, Tove Senior Executive Officer +47-22845831 +47-90609253 (mob) Archives, ePhorte, UiO-noark
Kræmer-Olsen, Tor-Audun Adviser +47-22858157 ePhorte, Records management, Request for access to information, Archives, Support, Mail room, Counselling, Registry, Courses
Langseth, Solfrid Oppedal Senior Executive Officer +47-22844433 Archives
Lyngdal, Ingebjørg Helgesen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844003 Library, Archives, Human resources administration
Moe, Øystein Senior Executive Officer +47-22856490 Archives
Opsahl, Heidi Anita Senior Executive Officer +47-22850396 Archives, ePhorte
Roeren, Anastasia Kriachko Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856890 Nationalism, Russia, Nation-building, Media use and media effects, Eastern Europe, National identity, Balkans, Image, Memory, Multimodal texts, Documentary, Media, Archives
Sørby, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856801 Archives, ePhorte, Counselling, Project management
Trandheim, Åse T. Records Manager +47 22 85 63 65 +47 47 67 31 85 (mob) Archives
Venturi, Francesco Associate Professor +47-22845950 Archives, Renaissance Literature, Contemporary Literature, Italian Literature, Textual criticism, Italian
Walderhaug, Geir Magnus Adviser +47-22844057 Training, Counselling, ePhorte, Archives