Persons tagged with «Behaviour»

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Holt, Rebecca Emma Postdoctoral Fellow Behaviour, Fish IBM, Climate Change, Evolution, Population Modelling, Fisheries, Statistics, Ecology, Cod, Mechanistic Modelling
Labra Lillo, Antonieta +47-22854538 Sexual selection, Thermal physiology, Lizard, Birds, Argentina, Behavioral ecology, Chile, Ethology, Behaviour
Lien, Nanna Professor +47-22851378 97593816 (mob) 97 59 38 16 Children and adolescents, Longitudinal studies, Public health nutrition, Nutrition, Behaviour, Social inequalities in health
Loge, Jon Håvard Professor II +47-22851139 +47-98837824 (mob) Behaviour, Doctor-patient communication, Cancer, Cancer survivors
Rivrud, Inger Maren Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857294 Large herbivores, Deer, Climate effects, Mammals, Ungulates, Cervids, Harvesting, Evolutionary ecology, Ruminants, Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution
Storm, Johan Frederik Professor +47-22851246 +47-99295763 (mob) Behaviour, Brain and nervous system, Neuromodulation and plasticity, Learning and memory, Brain ischemia/hypoxia and stroke, Cerebral cortex and hippocampus, Electrophysiology and brain signalling, Consciousness and attention
Sætre, Glenn-Peter Professor +47-22857291 Evolutionary ecology, Evolution, Adaptation, Genetics, Phylogeography, Genomics, Reproductive isolation, Biogeography, Evolutionary genomics, Population genetics, Fungal evolution, Communication, Molecular ecology, Speciation, Molecular evolution, Evolutionary biology, Ecology, Biology, Birds, Ornithology, Sexual selection, Mate choice, Sex chromosomes, Fish, Life science, Behaviour, DNA sequence analysis, Norwegian centres of excellence, Phenology, Life history strategies, Hybridization
Tyssen, Reidar Professor +47-22851187 97150753 (mob) +47-97150753 Subjective well-being, Longitudinal studies, Suicidial behaviour, Personality and stress, Work and health, Behaviour, Alcohol abuse, Psychiatric Epidemiology
Vaglum, Per Jørgen Wiggen Professor Emeritus +47-22851107 Behaviour, Work and health, rus og medikamentmisbruk, Mental health
Whittington, Jason Researcher 91747132 (mob) +47.917.47.132 Seabirds, Life history strategies, Climate adaptation, Ornithology, Behaviour, Atlantic cod, Sexual selection, climate change ecology, Birds, Marine ecology, Conservation biology, Mate choice, Adaptation, Time series analysis, Population dynamics, Animal physiology, Behavioral ecology