Persons tagged with «Biogeography»

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Bryn, Anders Associate Professor +47-22851637 Biodiversity, Biogeography, Cultural heritage, Cultural landscape, Distribution modelling, Ecological climatology, Treelines, Forest lines, GIS, Landscape ecology, Nature types, Vegetation mapping
Kool, Anneleen Senior Lecturer +47-22851612 40648061 (mob) +47 40 64 80 61 Biology, Botany, Ethnobotany, Molecular analysis, DNA barcoding, Ancient DNA, Viking Age, Caryophyllaceae, Phylogenetics, Biogeography, Plant evolution, Molecular dating, Medicinal plants
Liow, Lee Hsiang Associate Professor +47-22855078 Phylogenetics, Biogeography, Paleobiology, Paleontology, Community ecology, Macroevolution, Macroecology
Magnussen, Trude Doctoral Research Fellow Entomology, Systematics, Diptera, Speciation, Biodiversity, Biogeography
Nordal, Inger Professor Emeritus +47-22854665 Speciation, Biodiversity, Evolution, Phylogeography, Plant systematics, Population genetics, Systematics, Biogeography, Phylogeny, Taxonomy, African flora, Monocot evolution, Flora Nordica, Nunatak theory
Rueness, Eli Knispel +47-22854570 Conservation genetics, Historic DNA, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Habitat fragmentation, Mammals
Skrede, Inger Researcher +47-22854555 Comparative genomics, Fungi, Speciation, Biogeography
Sætre, Glenn-Peter Professor +47-22857291 Evolutionary ecology, Genomics, Mate choice, Reproductive isolation, Adaptation, Behaviour, Biogeography, Biology, Birds, Communication, DNA sequence analysis, Ecology, Evolution, Evolutionary biology, Evolutionary genomics, Fish, Fungal evolution, Genetics, Hybridization, Life history strategies, Life science, Molecular ecology, Molecular evolution, Norwegian centres of excellence, Ornithology, Phenology, Phylogeography, Population genetics, Sex chromosomes, Sexual selection, Speciation
Wollan, Anders Kvalvåg Researcher +47-22851628 Biogeography, Biodiversity, Nature types, Vegetation ecology, Mycology, Hypogeic fungi, Distribution modelling, GIS, Scale dependent variation