Persons tagged with «Dark Matter»

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Bjørke, Kristian Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856450 LHC, ATLAS, Dark Matter, CERN, Higgs boson, Particle physics
Bringmann, Torsten Professor +47-22855094 Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, Cosmology, Dark Matter, Nordic, USA
Hatlen, Eirik Sæther Doctoral Research Fellow +47-41670664 CTA, Dark Matter, gammalines, linesearch
Kvellestad, Anders Researcher theoretical physics, particle physics, CERN, LHC, supersymmetry, higgs, dark matter, high-performance computing, machine learning
Raklev, Are Professor +47 22855079 +47 41452597 (mob) Theoretical physics, LHC, Nordic, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, CERN, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, USA
Read, Alexander Lincoln Professor +47-22855062 97544475 (mob) SDI, CERN, Dark Matter, LHC, Search statistics, Particle physics, Higgs boson, ATLAS
Riemer-Sørensen, Signe Researcher +47-22857051 Neutrinos, Dark Matter, Cosmology, Structure formation, Nucleosynthesis, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Rye, Eli Bæverfjord Doctoral Research Fellow +47 952 36 889 CERN, Dark matter, LHC, Supersymmetry, ATLAS, Particle physics
Sandaker, Heidi Professor +47-22856427 supertsymmetry, ATLAS, detectors, AEGIS, particle physics, CTA, Dark Matter, astroparticle physics
Vadla, Knut Oddvar Høie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 92087959 ATLAS, CERN, Particle physics, LHC, Dark Matter
Van den Abeele, Jeriek Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855066 Theoretical physics, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, CERN, LHC