Persons tagged with «Energy policy»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Andersen, Allan Dahl Researcher +47-22841615 Science and innovation policy, Innovation systems, Innovation, Energy policy, Infrastructures
Claes, Dag Harald Professor +47-22857857 Energy policy, International Political Economy, International relations
Hanson, Jens Researcher +47-22841635 Innovation systems, Innovation, Energy policy, Renewable energy
Jevnaker, Torbjørg Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857785 (+47) 48052768 Energy policy, Public Policy and Administration, Organisation theory, Climate Policy, EU
Lysgård, Sylvia Irene Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22841656 Energy Policy, Science and policy, Renewable energy, Science and Technology Studies
Normann, Håkon Endresen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845885 95142524 (mob) +47 951 42524 Innovation, Environment and Energy, Energy policy, Innovation systems
Nykamp, Hilde +47-22841617 93285877 (mob) 932 85 877 Energy policy, Innovation, Climate change, Innovation systems, Renewable energy
Ryggvik, Helge Researcher +47-22841629 Brazil, Environment Health and Safety, Energy policy, Economic history
Szulecki, Kacper Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855593 +47-40616684 (mob) International Politics, Public policy, Social Movements, Climate Politics, Energy policy, Environmental policy
Ydersbond, Inga 92019154 International Politics, Methods, Climate policy, Energy policy, EU