Persons tagged with «Financial Management»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Andersen, Espen Lyng Senior Adviser +47-22845801 Accounts, Reporting, safety and environment, Health, Local working environment committee (LWEC), Safety organization, Financial management, Finance, Budget
Auke, Irene Senior Adviser +47-22850600 Project economy, Project management, Financial management, Budget and applications, Reporting
Bergh, Marius Adviser +47-22858977 Budget, External funding, Reporting, Financial management
Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Corporate Governance and Finance +47-22856064 +47-92423393 (mob) Corporate governance, Financial management, Mangement, Strategy, Analysis
Eklund, Louise Bolands Adviser +47-22850513 Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial management, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Franklin, Britt Senior Adviser +47-22854491 Financial management, Projects, Economics
Gulseth, Terje Adviser +47-22855305 Budget, Economy, Financial management
Handelsby, Erik Senior Adviser +47-22855227 +47-97510643 (mob) Financial management
Hjelmesæth , Ida Administrative Director (on leave) + 47 22 85 87 01 Human resources administration, Financial management, administrative management, Budget, Research administration, annual plan, Strategy
Hoaas, Målfrid Head of Administration +47-22844428 +47-91581132 (mob) Administrative management, Human Resources Administration, Appointments, Financial Management
Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-22854499 +47-91368921 (mob) Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Indahl, Ragni Head of Office +47-22858940 +47-95150932 (mob) Financial management, Management
Kjelling, Teis Daniel Head of Office +47-22842012 +47-90085116 (mob) Budget, Financial management, Human resources management, Organizational development, Human Rights, Adminstrative management
Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office +47-22840531 Health, Financial management, Management, safety and enviromment
Kleiva, Karina Head of Administration + 47 22 85 68 27 +47 97 10 64 89 (mob) Administrative management, Financial Management, Human resources administration
Labahå, Trine Adviser +47-22858055 Budget, Financial management, Purchasing, Economy, Accounts
Langballe, Mette Groseth Senior Adviser +47-22845326 +47-41409069 (mob) Financial management, Budget, Activity management
Langtvet, Anette Section Manager +47-22850585 Management, Administration, Activity management, Financial management, Administrative management
Mjelde, Eva Helene Head of Administration +47-22855548 +47-90015585 (mob) Administration, Management, Activity management, Administrative management, Strategy, Organizational development, Financial management
Nielsen, Dag Roar Senior Adviser +47-22857561 Financial management, Budget
Nielsen, Reidunn Terese Financial Director +47-22857742 +47-41457902 (mob) Economics, Financial management, Management, Budget, Accounting
Otnes, Mari Camilla Risdal Head of Administration +47 228 56883 + 47 48276928 (mob) Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Research support, Research Cooperation, Research school, Administrative Management, Financial Management
Refsland, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47-22857386 911 58 229 Finance, Oracle, Invoices, Department of Chemistry, Financial management, Budget
Roald, Lars Adviser +47-22850502 +47-95844077 (mob) Reporting, Project management, Project economy, Financial management, Budget and applications
Seland, Elisabeth Engh Adviser +47-22850306 Finance, Accounts, Financial management, Controlling program
Stockfleth, Helene Jenssen Administrative Manager +47-22855699 +47-45231223 (mob) +47-45231223 Activity management, Financial management, Finance, Reporting, Budget, Management
Stokke, Knut Tore Head of Office +47-22850509 +47-91702320 (mob) Administration, Management, Financial management, Administrative management, Strategy, Organizational development, Activity management
Tjäder, Jan-Børge Director of Department +47-22856894 +47-92019213 (mob) Management, Personnel management, Financial management
Ådum, Mona Østvang Senior executive officer +47 22 85 97 86 +47 97 72 71 84 (mob) Research support, Financial management, Web editor, Conferences
Årsetøy, Erna Senior Adviser +47-22840108 Activity management, Financial management, Finance, Budget, Reporting, Analysis