Persons tagged with «Geology»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Aagaard, Per Professor Emeritus +47-22856644 Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, CO2 storage, SUCCESS-CEER, Environmental geology, Geology
Alve, Elisabeth Professor +47-22857333 Stratigraphy, Geology, Benthic foraminifera, Micropalaeontology, Environmental geology
Andersen, Torgeir Bjørge Professor +47-22856415 +47-95120453 (mob) Tectonics, Structural geology, Geology
Andresen, Arild Professor Emeritus +47-22856689 Structural geology, Geology, Tectonics
Austrheim, Håkon Olaf +47-22856485 Metamorphic petrology, Geology
Birkeland, Anne Senior Lecturer +47-22851797 Exhibitions, Museum lecturer, Geology, Research communication, Museum pedagogy
Bjørlykke, Knut Professor Emeritus +47-22856668 +47-92250286 (mob) Reservoir geology, Sedimentology, Petroleum geology, Diagenesis, Compaction, Geology
Braathen, Alvar Professor +47-22856664 Structural geology, CO2 storage, Geology, Groundwater, SUCCESS-CEER, Petroleum geology
Castro, Nèlia Head Engineer +47-22851641 +4740249840 (mob) petrography, Geology
Corfu, Fernando Professor +47-22856680 Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, Isotop geology, Geochronology
Dale, Barrie Professor Emeritus +47 22854214 Environmental geology, Palynology, Geology, Micropalaeontology, Stratigraphy
Donnelly, Tomas Stroop Senior Executive Officer +47-22856552 90146463 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Economy, Economical reports, Geology, Finance
Dypvik, Henning Professor +47-22856659 Geology, Impact geology, Sedimentology
Erambert, Muriel Marie Laure Senior Engineer +47-22856687 Geology, Metamorphic petrology, Electron microprobe
Friis, Henrik Associate Professor +47-22851622 Crystallography, Geology, Rare Earth Elements (REE), Beryllium, Alkaline complexes, Descriptive mineralogy, Luminescence, Crystal-chemistry
Gabrielsen, Roy Helge Professor +47-22856600 Petroleum geology, Structural geology, Basin analysis, CO2 storage, Tectonics, Geology, Energy
Hammer, Øyvind Associate Professor +47 22 85 16 58 Paleoecology, Geology, Oslo Graben, Holocene, Ordovician, Pleistocene, Jurassic, Data analysis, Stratigraphy, Svalbard, Cambrian, Paleontology, Norwegian Shelf
Hansen, Bitten Bolvig Doctoral Research Fellow Svalbard, Cephlopods, Coprolites, Geology, Triassic, Paleontology
Hellevang, Helge Associate Professor +47-22857026 Geochemistry, CO2 storage, Geology, Gas-fluid-rock interactions
Hess, Silvia Senior Lecturer +47-22854908 Stratigraphy, Benthic foraminifera, Geology, Environmental geology, Micropalaeontology
Hestmark, Geir Professor +47-22854581 Lichens, Philosophy of science, Biodiversity, Evolution, History of science, Landscape ecology, Ecophysiology, Fungi, Conservation biology, South and Middle American biota, Geology, Ecology, High altitude biology
Jahren, Jens Professor +47-22856611 Sedimentology, Compaction, Diagenesis, Geology
Karlsen, Dag Arild Professor +47-22854147 +47-90034342 (mob) Petroleum geology, Organic geochemistry, Geology, Petroleum systems
Kürschner, Wolfram Michael Professor +47-22856672 +47 96010747 Geology, Palynology, Organic geochemistry, Stratigraphy, Environmental geology, Petroleum geology
Mair, Karen Associate Professor +47-22856048 Geomechanics, Geology, Geohazards
Midtkandal, Ivar Associate Professor +47-22854011 Geology, Planetary geology, Sedimentology, Tectonics, Sequence stratigraphy
Müller, Axel Professor +47-22851689 Geology, Petrology
Nagy, Jenø Professor Emeritus +47-22856648 Sequence stratigraphy, Foraminiferal taxonomy, Biostratigraphy, Geology, Paleoecology
Naidoo, Thanusha Head Engineer +47-22856683 Geology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, XRF, XRD
Nakrem, Hans Arne Professor +47-22851732 +47-92463785 (mob) Paleontological databases, Ordovician, Geology, Stratigraphy, Jurassic, Carboniferous, Conodonts, Paleoecology, Svalbard, Triassic, Silurian, Paleontology, Paleontological collections, Oslo Graben, Bryozoans, Permian
Nystuen, Johan Petter Professor Emeritus +47-22856665 Petroleum geology, Geology, Sedimentology, Reservior geology, Sequence stratigraphy, Paleoenvironment
Osmond, Johnathon Doctoral Research Fellow +47-93079265 Petroleum geology, Structural geology, CO2 storage, Geology
Pluymakers, Anne Marie Henriette Researcher Fluid-Rock Interactions, Friction, CO2 storage, Geology, Flow
Pozer Bue, Edina Academic Librarian Library, geology
Rogers, Benjamin David Doctoral Research Fellow Geology, Volcanism
Rosing-Schow, Nanna Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851735 Geology, Mineralogy
Ruiter, Lisa De Doctoral Research Fellow Rock-fluid interactions, NanoHeal, Cement, Geology
Røyne, Anja Researcher +47-22844175 92629319 (mob) +47 92629319 porous media, AFM, Geology, Experiments, Condensed matter physics
Schmid, Daniel Researcher +47-22856491 Geology, Structural geology
Sundal, Anja Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856652 Geochemistry, CO2 storage, Geology
Sunde, Øyvind Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851791 Mineralogy, Geology
Tsikalas, Filippos Professor II Geophysics, Geology