Persons tagged with «History»

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Abou-Hodeib, Toufoul Associate Professor +47-22857088 The Middle East, Material Culture, Modern History, History
Andersen, Kåre A +47-22844085 History
Andresen, Anton Fredrik +47-22854343 +47-99472746 (mob) History
Benedictow, Ole Jørgen Professor Emeritus History
Bjørgum, Jorunn History
Bruland, Kristine Professor +47-22857942 +47-91713939 (mob) History
Buns, Melina Antonia Doctoral Research Fellow Transnational History, Environmental History, History
Collett, John Peter Professor +47-22857455 History
Engh, Sunniva Associate Professor +47-22856269 History
Friedman, Robert Marc Professor +47-22854205 91639068 (mob) +47 916 39 068 History of Science, Historical Sociology of Knowledge, Diffusing historical scholarship through dramatization, History of Universities, History, Polar Hiistory
Fuglestad, Finn Professor Emeritus +47-22844827 +47-93615113 (mob) History
Førland, Tor Egil Head of Department +47-22854893 +47-93424686 (mob) History
Gjersø, Jonas Fossli Postdoctoral Fellow Economic History, History, East Africa, Contemporary History, Slave Trade, Oil History, Imperial History, International History, British Empire
Grimnes, Ole Kristian Professor Emeritus History
Hagemann, Gro Professor Emeritus +47-22844491 History
Holmberg, Susann Doctoral Research Fellow History of knowledge, Early modern history, Cultural history, History
Jensehaugen, Helge Doctoral Research Fellow History
Johannessen, Finn Erhard Professor +47-22856853 History
Kausrud, Kyrre Linné 99545145 (mob) +47 99545145 Savanna ecology, Epidemiology, Individual-based modeling, History, Life-history evolution, Statistical modelling, Environmental sampling, Evolutionary ecology, Climate effects, Disease ecology, Plague, Human evolution, Ungulate grazing ecology, Population dynamics, Arctic and alpine ecosystems, Evolutionary game theory, Tagging
Kjeldstadli, Knut Professor +47-22858238 History, Cultural history, Social History, Theory and method, Migration, Modern history
Korsvik, Trine Rogg +47-22858952 Gender, Women's Movements, History
Lange, Even +47-22856176 +47-95077051 (mob) History
Lebouteiller, Simon Pierre Louis Associate Professor Vikings, Diplomacy, Peacemaking, Rituals, Peace, Political culture, Medieval Scandinavia, Norse literature, Medieval History, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, History
Lie, Einar Professor +47-22857562 93284945 (mob) History, Planning and policymaking, Economic History, Contemporary History
McNicol, John Senior lecturer 0047 22841944 History, Medieval Studies, Medieval History, Viking Age History, History on Film
Myhre, Jan Eivind +47-22854467 48423304 (mob) History
Mønnesland, Svein Professor emeritus +47-90918960 (mob) Slavic, Philology, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Cultural history, History, Political culture
Naderer, Max Doctoral Research Fellow Medieval Studies, History
Nissen, Ada Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857270 History
Njølstad, Olav Professor II +47-22854415 97675260 (mob) History
Notaker, Hallvard Associate Professor +47-22857675 +47-40452101 (mob) History
Nysether, Hilde Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857767 91364591 History, Norway, Scandinavia, Middle Ages, Iceland, Political culture
Orning, Hans Jacob Professor +47-22841930 History
Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer +47-22858740 Bodies, Equality, Literature, History, Disabilities, Feminist theory, Health, Film, Gender
Pharo, Helge Øystein +47-22856874 History
Pouillard, Veronique Associate Professor +47-22857204 Media history., Economic History, Business History, History, women's history, Fashion History
Price, Pamela Gwynne Professor Emeritus +47-22856877 97022241 (mob) History
Ranestad, Kristin Postdoctoral Fellow Industrihistorie, Economic History, History, Global history
Reinertsen, Hilde Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22841652 Bioeconomy, Policy Studies, Foreign Aid, Aquaculture, Science and Technology Studies, History, Public Sector Management, Montoring and Evaluation, Document Analysis.
Rian, Øystein Professor Emeritus +47-22854940 History
Rønning, Ole-Albert Doctoral Research Fellow +4741047025 Political culture, Cultural history, The Middle Ages, Scandinavia, Medieval History, Legal history, Medieval Studies, History
Sandmo, Erling Sverdrup Professor +47-22858495 History
Sandvik, Hilde Professor +47-22855741 History
Schmid, Boris Valentijn Researcher Ancient DNA, Epidemiology, China, History, Rodents, Ecology, Evolution, Plague
Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47-22841955 97149914 (mob) +47 97149914 Christianity, Medieval Studies, History, Medieval History, Social History, Viking Age, Vikings, Church History, Iceland, Norway, Political culture, Scandinavia, Cultural history
Simensen, Jarle Professor Emeritus History
Skaug, Erling Professor Emeritus Conservation, Middle Ages, Art History, Technology, History, Art Technology
Skumsnes, Reinert Vikjord +47-22858742 History, Egyptology, Global South, Deconstruction, Gender
Storsveen, Odd Arvid Professor +47-22858183 97733392 (mob) History
Sæther, Steinar Andreas Associate Professor +47-22858246 Latin America, History, Migration, Colonial History, Social History
Sørensen, Øystein Professor +47-22856915 48152920 (mob) History
Taylor, Louisa Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857875 Medieval Culture, Medieval Studies, History, Medieval History
Vik, Hanne Hagtvedt Associate Professor +47-22841953 History
Waage, Hilde Henriksen Professor +47-22857238 History, Contemporary History, Peace and Conflict
Wolff, Elisabetta Cassina Associate Professor +47-22858251 +47-48188068 (mob) History, Fascism, Right Extremism, Italian History, Neo-fascism, Italy
Zanon, Johanna Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859312 +47-22859312 Business History, History of Decorative Arts, Fashion History, History, History of Photography