Persons tagged with «Management»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Amini, Ghazaleh Section Manager +47-22856071 Management, Counselling
Appelqvist, Åke Assistant Director +47-22854712 +47-97529236 (mob) Management
Arudpiragasam, Karunakaran Renholdsleder +47-22842209 97034528 (mob) Cleaning, Management
Backsæther, Stig Rune Administrative Manager +47-22857536 +47-95194063 (mob) Security, Alarm Systems, Emergency preparedness, Management
Bergeli, Tommy Administrative Manager +47-22857081 +47-90825008 (mob) Service Center, Management, Property services
Breivik, Jarle Professor - Dept. of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine +47-22851114 +47-41441985 (mob) Cancer, Genetic and epidemiology, Education, Management, Communication, Evolution
Bugge, Pål Fredrik Administrative Manager +47-22851017 +47-97071715 (mob) Building maintenance, Management
Chattha, Baljeet Kaur Renholdsleder +47-22845528 +47-97763182 (mob) Cleaning, Management
Dyrset, Kathe Section Manager +47-46925365 Cleaning, Management
Elgvin, Johannes Administrative Head of Research and Communication +47-22841170 +47-92260799 (mob) Communication, Management, Research management
Engelstad, Svein A Assitant director - Humanities and Social Sciences Library +47 2284-4224 +47 9514-4745 (mob) Library, Management, Administration, Art history, Middle East, Teaching
Engen, Grete Administrative Manager +47-95041489 +47-95041489 (mob) Management, Cleaning
Faye, Inger Ann S Head of Administration +47-22856049 +47-92630320 (mob) Management
Finess, Liv Bjøntegaard Section Manager +47-22845325 +47-98664874 (mob) Student and Academic Administration, Management, Mangement support
Grasmo-Wendler, Unn-Hilde Faculty Director +47-22845305 97483184 (mob) Management
Greaker, Rune Administrative Manager +47-22855764 +47-99168479 (mob) Building maintenance, Management
Grimstad, Gudleik Faculty Director + 47 22 85 62 64 /+ 47 22 85 62 65 + 47 90 68 73 47 (mob) Management
Heggen, Kristin Margrete Professor +47-22845376 Management
Helgesen, Linda Teigland Head of Office 0047 922 15 890 Organizational development, Management, Activity management, HSE, Administration
Hellesøe, Steffen Section Manager +47-22844112 +47-95841237 (mob) Building maintenance, Management
Hoel, Britt Amundsen Assistant director of Estates +47-22854499 +47-91368921 (mob) Management, Estate Management, Financial Management, Strategy, Procurement, HR, Communications
Hovind, Jorun Section Manager +47-95720862 (mob) Landscape, Projects, Management, Estate services
Jensen, Kaj Richard Administrative Manager +47-22859554 +47-91547902 (mob) Building maintenance, Management
Johannessen, Leif Johnny Assistant Director +47-91555072 (mob) Management, Property management, Strategy, Property Development
Kjelsvik, Ingrid Head of Office +47-22840531 Health, Financial management, Management, safety and enviromment
Knutsen, Unni Section Manager +47-22855673 95777978 (mob) Library, Cataloguing, Classification, Bibliographic work, Management
Kvaale, Kaja Section Manager +47-22844633 Management, Regulations, External funding, Reseach Politics, Research administration, Research support
Langerud, Morten Section Manager +47-22844458 +47-91538805 (mob) Management, Property management, Internal rent
Langtvet, Anette Section Manager +47-22850585 Management, Administration, Activity management, Financial management, Administrative management
Larsen, Lise Administrative Manager +47-22844749 +47-91737332 (mob) Management, Cleaning
Linberg, Pål Section Manager +47-22858609 +47-92429852 (mob) Management
Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47-22856241 +47-95199391 (mob) Reimbursements, Travel, Fee, Absence, Management, Salary
Midtgård, Victor +47-22855001 905 11 695 Building maintenance, Management
Mjelde, Eva Helene Head of Administration +47-22855548 +47-90015585 (mob) Administration, Management, Activity management, Administrative management, Strategy, Organizational development, Financial management
Munthe-Kaas, Erik Assistant Director +47-99206503 (mob) Management, Financial control, Project management, Property development
Myhre-Nielsen, Dag Faculty Director, +47 22 85 03 09 +47 908 51 904 (mob) safety and environment (HSE), Management, Human Resources, Health, Finance
Nebb, Hilde Irene Professor +47-22851502 Life science, energy balance, lifestyle diseases, Molecular nutrition, metabolism, Diabetes and hormones, Management, Nutrients
Nielsen, Reidunn Terese Financial Director +47-22857742 +47-41457902 (mob) Economics, Financial management, Management, Budget, Accounting
Nilsen, Anne-Gunn Thyrum Section Manager +47-22845044 Management, Administrative management, Education
Nordby, Marianne Administrative Manager +47-22856233 +47-91690769 (mob) Management, Sick leave, Parental leave, NAV reimbursements
Onarheim, Robert Administrative Manager +47-22859079 +47-97759239 (mob) Invoices, Economics, Management, Procurement
Os, Ingrid Professor II +47-22845327 +47-93023337 (mob) Management
Rasmussen, Live Assistant Director +47-90066138 (mob) Library, Management
Robøle, Anita Section Manager +47-22845849 99011171 (mob) Management, Administration
Sandberg, Anita Director of HSE and Emergency +47-22856281 +47-90614459 (mob) Strategy, Management, Work environment, HSE, Organisational development, Emergency preparedness
Skogen, John Director +47-22856369 +47-90912252 (mob) Management
Sogn, Trygve Chief Engineer +47-91607628 (mob) Property Development, Management
Stokke, Knut Tore Head of Office +47-22850509 +47-91702320 (mob) Administration, Management, Financial management, Administrative management, Strategy, Organizational development, Activity management
Thorstensen, Arvid Section Manager +47-22856725 +47-41567417 (mob) Building maintenance, Management
Thrap-Meyer, Tone E. Administrative Manager +47-22844420 +47-92812091 (mob) Management, Building Maintenance
Tjäder, Jan-Børge Director of Department +47-22856894 +47-92019213 (mob) Management, Personnel management, Financial management
Tveitan, Ragnhild Sverdrup Administrative Manager +47-22841027 +47-91132645 (mob) Management, Regulations, Payroll
Valentinsen, Kristin S Administrative Manager +47-22844817 +47-95999178 (mob) Cleaning, Management
Vartdal, Frode Dean +47-22845322 +47-99700152 (mob) Management, Immunology, Multiple sclerosis, Central nervous system, Autoimmunity, Transplantion immunology
Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47-22858482 +47-99389621 (mob) Strategy, International cooperation, Management
Vivekananthan, Vivetharan Administrative Manager +47-22844810 +47-92891063 (mob) Management, Cleaning
Wiig, Øystein Professor +47 22851688 Zoology, Evolution, Management, Whalrus, White whale, Narwhal, Arctic marine mammals, Polar bears, Mammalogy, Systematics, Ecology, Effects of climate change, Bowhead whales