Persons tagged with «Maritime law»

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Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson, Ellen Professor of Civil and Commercial Law, Dr. Jur. + 358 9 19123389 Maritime Law, Contract Law, Transportation Law, Commercial agency, Nordic, Europe
Falkanger, Thor Professor emr. +47-22 85 97 43 Maritime Law, Property Law
Fiskerstrand, Beate Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859633 Comparative Law, Europe, Transport Law, Contract Law, Maritime Law, Tort Law
Fodchenko, Irina Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22859589 +47-40048081 (mob) Petroleum Law, Maritime Law, Environmental Law, Russian Law, Russia, International Law
Greaves, Rosa Professor II +47-22859550 +447860108195 (mob) EU Law, Europe, Transportation Law, Maritime Law
Ringbom, Henrik Professor II +358-40-763 1071 (mob) Law of the sea, Maritime Law, International Law, Environmental law, Nordic, Europe
Røsæg, Erik Professor +47-22859752 +47-48002979 (mob) Shipping, Europe, Transport Law, Maritime law, Third party interests in private law, Nordic, Trade and finance, USA, Contracts and agreements, Law and economics, Russia, International law, Property and insurance, Arctic
Selvig, Erling Professor emeritus 22859745 Maritime Law, Petroleum Law
Solvang, Trond Professor +47-22859672 +47-94261969 (mob) Maritime Law, Legal method, Tort Law, Nordic, Contract Law
Ulfbeck, Vibe Professor II Nordic, Maritime Law