Persons tagged with «Music and movement»

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Akca, Merve Doctoral Research Fellow +4792272752 Multisensory integration, Music Cognition, Musical Memory, Music Psychology, Music and Movement
Aksnes, Hallgjerd Professor +47 22 85 47 64 +47 950 70 745 (mob) Musicology, Music Cognition, Music and Movement, Music History, Music and Nationalism, Musical Analysis, Musical Aesthetics
Gadir, Tami Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844146 Music and Society, Popular Music, Music Technology, Musical Aesthetics, Musicology, Music and Media, Music and Movement
Gonzalez Sanchez, Victor Evaristo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844149 Micromotion, Music and movement, Biomechanics, Motion analysis, Motion Capture
Haugen, Mari Romarheim Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844910 Motion Analysis, Rhythm and Groove, Music and Movement, Music Cognition, Motion Capture
Jensenius, Alexander Refsum Associate Professor, Deputy Director RITMO +47 22 84 48 34 +47 951 29 232 (mob) Musicology, Music Technology, Music Cognition, Music and Movement
Kelkar, Tejaswinee Doctoral Research Fellow +47-45448254 +47-22854991 Music and Movement, Music Technology, Cultural Music
Nymoen, Kristian Associate Professor +47-22841693 Motion Capture, Motion Analysis, Music Cognition, Machine Learning, Music and movement, Music technology
Zeiner-Henriksen, Hans T. Associate Professor +47 22 85 48 57 +47 480 59 723 (mob) Popular Music, Music Production, Rhythm and Groove, Music History, Music and Movement, Music Technology
Zelechowska, Agata Doctoral Research Fellow Music Cognition, Audio Perception, Rhythm and Groove, Music Psychology, Music and nature, Psychoacoustics, Micromotion, Music and Movement