Persons tagged with «Organic chemistry»

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Amedjkouh, Mohamed Associate Professor +47-22857009 Catalysis, Organic chemistry, Energy, SMN, Chemistry
Benneche, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22855556 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Bonge-Hansen, Tore Associate Professor +47-22855386 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Chamgordani, Elahe Jafari Organic chemistry, Chemistry
Gundersen, Lise-Lotte Professor +47-22857019 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Paulsen, Britt Doctoral Research Fellow Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Rise, Frode Professor +47 22 85 54 48 (Messages left on this number will regretfully not be answered) + 47 930 83 685 (mob) Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, NMR, Metabolomics, Structure elucidation by NMR, Antioxidants, Brain metabolism, Cancer
Romagnoli, Carlo Chemistry, Organic chemistry, Catalysis
Sieng, Bora Researcher Organic chemistry, Chemistry
Undheim, Kjell Professor Emeritus +47-22855521 Synthesis and molecular structures, Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry
Vik, Anders Associate Professor +47-22857451 Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Life Science, Lipids, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Natural product synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, Chemistry
Viktorsson, Elvar Örn Life Science, Nanomedicine, Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry, Pharmacy, Drugs, Drug formulation