Persons tagged with «Political Economy»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Austvoll, Knut Ivar Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850314 90963384 (mob) +47-90963384 Archaeology, Bronze Age, Political Economy
Bølstad, Jørgen Postdoktor +47-22858818 European Union, European integration, Public policy, Political economy, Eurocrisis, Democracy, Representation, Quantitative methods
Ellingsen, Nicolai Doctoral Research Fellow 90508490 (mob) 90508490 Economics, Macroeconomics, Political Economy, Income Employment and Welfare
Fiva, Jon Hernes Professor II +47-22857237 Political Economy, Economic Policy, Income Employment and Welfare, Economics
Gjerløw, Haakon Doctoral Research Fellow Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Quantitative methods
Hammersmark, Eivind PhD Candidate +47 22841651 Growth and Development, Economics, Political Economy, Resources Energy and Environment
Mitra, Anirban Assistant Professor +47-22845920 Development Economics, Political Economy, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Nielsen, Kenneth Bo Associate Professor +47-22858856 India, Development, Political culture, Political Economy, Social movements, Dispossession, Law and Society
Tørnblad, Silje H. PhD Candidate (on leave) +47 22 85 88 15 +47 951 11 916 (mob) Political Economy, Lobbying in the EU, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Wang, Yikai Assistant Professor +47-22850224 Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Growth and Development, Political Economy