Persons tagged with «Purchasing»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Ambrosen, Monica Lihus Senior Executive Officer +47-22856214 Events, Purchasing, Invoices, Office support, Promotional items
Andersen, Marian Berge Head Engineer +47-22851232 Laboratory work, Purchasing, Training, Histotechnique
Andresen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47-22854432 Events, Prizes, Conferments, Purchasing, Invoices, Office support
Arnesen, Marianne Head Engineer +47-23074475 Local IT support, Library, Purchasing
Aronsen, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22851674 +47-92402555 (mob) Administration, Purchasing, PhD, ePhorte, Cristin, Events, Facilitation, Web publishing, Parat, KVU
Authen, Bjarne Senior Engineer +47-22851492 +47-99706139 (mob) Purchasing, Purchaser, Fire safety, Electronics, Service, EAGLE
Babinski, Adam Roman Senior Engineer +47-22856565 +47-97501770 (mob) Local IT support, Purchasing
Bang-Hauge, David Michael Head Engineer +47-22854308 Electronics, CAD, Purchasing, CubeSTAR
Bjørnæs, Ane Mari Higher Executive Officer +47 22844155 +47 99471484 (mob) Invoices, Purchasing, Web editor, Seminar, Payment, meetings, Travel, Researcher housing
Brudeseth, Jon Higher Executive Officer +47-90944158 Purchasing
Børing, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47-22854310 +47-90367885 (mob) Absence, Reimbursements, Purchasing
Domak, Paraskoviia Higher Executive Officer +47-22858116 +47-46586217 Purchasing
Eng, Rita Adviser +47-22851456 Basware, Payment, Invoices, Purchasing, Purchaser
Faber, Katrine Hjertner Senior Executive Officer +47-22856020 Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices
Fossum, Heidi Adviser +47-22854105 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Grabska-Makulus, Magda Executive Officer +47-22856045 Finance, Purchasing, Eco-online
Heibreen, Tom Senior Executive Officer +47-22851922 Administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Reporting, Purchasing
Jacobsen, Lourdes Cotrim Higher Executive Officer +47-22851150 purchasing, invoice processing, office supplies, joint expedition services
Johansen, Ruth Helene Senior Executive Officer +47-22859887 Library, Finance, Purchasing
Kjølstad, Kristin Senior Executive Officer +47-22855796 Competence development, Purchasing, Invoices, Office support
Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47-22852412 +47-93401045 (mob) IT support for research, IT support for education, CAD, Electronics, Purchasing, Nanoelectronics and robotics, HES
Labahå, Trine Senior Executive Officer +47-22858055 Economy, Budget, Purchasing, Accounts, Financial management
Lie, Simen Melby Higher Executive Officer +47-22840757 Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices
Mørck, Marthe Berit Senior Executive Officer +47-22840757 +47-97637306 (mob) Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices
Naguleswaran, Kalaivani Higher Executive Officer +47-22859864 Invoices, Purchasing, Accounts
Nyquist-Andersen, Mari Head Engineer +47-22845667 Laboratory operation, Purchasing
Olsen, Gry Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22840321 95182445 (mob) Basware, Traveling, Refund, purchasing, HR-portal
Olufsen, Ulrikke Greve Adviser +47-22859185 Library E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Orre, Tonje Higher Executive Officer +47-22851199 Administrasjon, Guest registration, HR-portal, Purchasing
Pound, Anne Lise Bækholt Higher Executive Officer +47-22854112 Purchasing
Rekdahl, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22851129 +47-98644331 (mob) Purchasing, Purchaser
Rinde, Tina Senior Executive Officer +47-22850303 Information Center, Student and Academic Administration, Purchasing, Diploma, Accreditation, Podcast, Web publishing
Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47-22840500 +47-95205142 (mob) Reception, Invoices, Reimbursements, Oracle, Basware, Purchasing, Certificates, Mail room, Mail and postage, Signs and directions, UiO-noark, Cristin, ePhorte, Voucher
Rostgaard, Christine Adviser +47-22844004 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Ruden, Petter Adviser +47-22857093 procurement, purchasing
Ruus, Ann-Kristin Head Engineer +47-22840326 organ culture, cell culture, RNA isolation, PCR & Q-PCR, Western Blott (WB), Chemical handling, purchasing
Salameh, Sarah Higher Executive Officer +47-22856931 Service funtions, Mail and postage, Reception, Purchasing, Student and Academic Administration
Salte, Steinar Higher Executive Officer 22844506 Web publishing, Human resources administrastion, Infrastructure, Purchasing
Sand, Kristin Larsen Head Engineer +47-22851204 93674280 (mob) Laboratory work, Cell culturing, Microscopy, Purchasing, Flow cytometry, Training
Sandberg, Kristin Lømo Executive Officer +47-22850402 Reception, Invoices, Voucher, Mail and postage, Purchasing
Siegmund-Breivik, Astrid Senior Adviser +47-22845803 +47-99519012 (mob) Purchasing
Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47-22840653 Finance, Budget, Accounts, Reporting, Project management, Purchasing
Skudal, Mari Lillian Roser On leave Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices
Staveli, Runar Head Engineer +47-22855581 Finance, Purchasing
Washington, George Abankwa Higher Executive Officer +47-22856005 Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices, Purchasing system
Watson, Bjørg-Marit Tomter Higher Executive Officer +47-22854095 90732139 (mob) Administration, Basware, Switchboard, Purchasing, Voucher, Invoices
Westgaard, Ellen Elisabeth Executive officer 67968854 98676702 (mob) HR-portal, Cristin, Purchasing, IT support for research, Basware
Wielgosz, Margrethe Executive Officer +47-22857482 The National Student Database (FS), Purchasing, Office support
Ytterlid, Karin Adviser +47-22855291 Library, E-journals, E-books, Databases, Purchasing
Øie, Aina Adviser +47-22844203 Library, E-books, E-journals, Databases, Purchasing