Persons tagged with «Salary»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Bakken, Marie Cecilie Adviser +47-22850508 Human resources administration, Absence, Recruitment, HR-system, Salary, Appointments, regulations, Leave of absence
Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 (mob) Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit, Salary, Regulations, Reconciliation, Taxes, Web publishing
Båum, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47-23074409 Salary, Library, Loan, Human resources administration
Holm, Greta Senior Adviser +47-22856914 Competence, Salary, Human resources administration, Legal counsel, Equal opportunity
Låtun, Ann-Christine Alderin Section Manager +47-22856241 +47-95199391 (mob) Reimbursements, Travel, Fee, Absence, Management, Salary
Rockwell, Susan Adviser +47-22850507 Leave of absence, Absence, HR-system, Recruitment, Appointments, Salary, regulations, Human resources administration
Rykken, Jan Senior Adviser +47-22858555 SAPUiO, HR system, Application management, Counselling, Salary
Shanmugam, Sugumaran Adviser +47-22856216 95248771 (mob) Reporting, Salary, HR system, SAPUiO
Stegen, Siv Anita Adviser +47-22854103 +47-92038909 (mob) Salary, Reporting, SAPUiO, HR system
Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47-22841035 +47-91604437 (mob) SAPUiO, Salary, Counselling, Project management, HR system, Web publishing, Application management, Reporting
Ugletveit, Hedda HR Manager +47-22851819 +47-90150537 (mob) Salary, Competence promotion, Offer of employment, Recruitment, Retirement pension, Human resource administration, Absence, Leave of absence, Equal opportunity, Resignation
Winge, Ada Higher Executive Officer +47-22850504 reimbursements and other payments, Salary, advances