Persons tagged with «Special needs education»

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Aunio, Pirjo Professor / Head of Research - Department of Special Needs Education +47-22858049 Special Needs Education, Learning difficulties in mathematics
Engevik, Liv Inger Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858027 Special Needs Education, Intellectual Disabilities, Down syndrome, Communication, Teacher-child interaction
Falkenberg, Eva-Signe Professor emeritus Habilitation and Rehabilitation, Special Education, Special Needs Education, Developemental Processes in Text Comprehension
Lopez-Pedersen, Anita Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854442 918 30 469 Learning difficulties in mathematics, special needs education
Moljord, Gøril Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845631 Special Needs Education, Intellectual disability, Autonomy, Self-determination, Curriculum, functional life skills, Ethics, Philosophy of education, Inclusion
Næss, Kari-Anne Bottegaard Associate Professor +47-22859163 +4792240741 Special Education, Special Needs Education, Language and Learning, Stimulation and Preventive Strategies, Developemental Disabilities
Rognhaug, Berit Professor +47-22858120 Habilitation and Rehabilitation, ICT and learning, Special Needs Education, Special Education, Developmental disability, Habilitation and Rehabilitation, ICT in Special Education
Sigstad, Hanne Marie Høybråten Associate Professor +47-22858127 Behavioral-related learning disabilities, Habilitation and Rehabilitation, Special Needs Education, Inclusive Education, Disabilities, Rare Disorders, Coping and Quality of Life of vulnerable groups
Skaar, Bjørn Associate Professor +47-22840705 +47-98234696 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, Special needs education, Global South
Torkildsen, Janne von Koss Professor +47-22845016 Special Needs Education, Logopedics, Language impairment, Language Development, Cognitive neuroscience, Learning mechanisms
Wie, Ona Bø Professor / Head of Department +47-22858051 +47-90920274 (mob) Special Needs Education