Persons tagged with «biochemistry»

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Adusumalli, Ravi Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857085 Molecular cell biology, Biochemistry
Andersson, Karl Kristoffer Professor +47-22856625 / +47-22856758 +47-93006907 (mob) Life sciences, Biochemistry, radical, EPR spectroscopy, metalloproteins, Raman spectroscopy, protein structure
Blomhoff, Heidi Kiil Professor +47-22851012 Biochemistry, Cell biology, Life science
Collas, Philippe Professor +47-22851066 Biochemistry, Life science, Stem cells
Gudim, Ingvild Doctoral Research Fellow Protein crystallography, biochemistry, spectroscopy, structural biology, protein interactions
Hersleth, Hans-Petter Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator +47 22854631 +47 41333126 (mob) structural biology, protein structure, diffraction, Synchrotron, biochemistry, protein crystallography, spectroscopy, Life sciences, USA
Johansen, Harald Thidemann Professor +47-22856595 91674070 (mob) Cathepsins, Pharmacology, Proteases, Proteolytic enzymes, Cystatin, Cell and molecular biology, Physiology, Pharmaceuticals, Oncology, Biochemistry, Legumain, Pharmacy, Life Science
Malecki, Jedrzej Mieczyslaw Researcher +47 99 47 91 07 Biochemistry, Molecular cell biology, Molecular biology
Pinto, Rita Postdoctoral Fellow Biomarkers, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Cell biology
Schuelke, Christin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 228 55069 biomedical physics, Biochemistry, stem cells, Biomedical instrumentation, Bioimpedance
Solberg, Rigmor Professor +47-22857514 +47-97739048 (mob) Proteolytic enzymes, Drugs, Cell Biology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Atherosclerosis, Proteases, Legumain, Cancer, Life science, Cystatins, Proteolysis, Osteoporosis, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Cathepsins, Cysteine proteases
Thiede, Bernd Head of Group +47-22840533 Proteomics, Mass spectrometry, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Proteomikk, Massespektrometri