Persons tagged with «physics»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Ayedh, Hussein Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840937 SMN, Physics, LENS
Frågåt, Thomas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22856478 physics, Physics education, Professional development, pre-service physics teachers, in-service physics teachers
Heggø, Dan Michael Academic Librarian +47-90207510 (mob) +47-90207510 Library, Physics, Subject heading indexing, Programming
Hu, Yi Senior Engineer +47-22854194 instrumentation, microfluidic, fluorescence microscopy, physics
Jankov, Mihailo Senior Engineer +47-22856539 Flow, porous media, magneto-optics, instrumentation, AMCS, physics
Kersting, Magdalena Doctoral Research Fellow Physics, Mathematics, Physics education, General relativity, Technology-based learning, Science communication, History and philosophy of science
Leinaas, Jon Magne Professor Emeritus +47-22855029 physics, theoretical physics, quantum physics, quantum field theory, low-dimensional phyics, quantum information
Sudbø, Aasmund Professor +47-22842219 +47-97022209 (mob) Optics, photon, electromagnetic waves, Micro- and nanotechnologies, Renewable energy, SMN, Electronics, physics, UNIK
Syljuåsen, Olav Fredrik Professor +47-22855010 Physics, Theoretical physics, Computational Physics, Quantum Physics, Strongly correlated electrons, Condensed matter physics, Nordic, USA
Sætra, Marte Julie Doctoral Research Fellow 934 98 822 Physics, Computational Physics, Computational Neuroscience, Brain Physics
Ulven, Ole Ivar Researcher Physics, Geology and geophysics, Physics of Geological Processes, Condensed matter physics, Weathering, Volume changing processes, Fracture formation
Viefers, Susanne F Professor +47-22855004 physics, theoretical physics, low-dimensional phyics, Strongly corrrelated electrons, fractional quantum Hall effect, atomic Bose condensates, Nordic, USA