Persons tagged with «project management»

Navn Telefon E-post Emneord
Aaby, Bent Senior Architect +47-91721532 (mob) Property management, Signs, Web, Project management
Andersen, Cecilie Adviser +47-22851802 +47-97755640 (mob) HR development, Competence development, Courses, Project management
Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47-22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Andresen, Rasmus G. Senior Adviser +47-22858313 Organized research training, (doctoral programme), Project management, Research support, Admissions, Research support
Auke, Irene Senior Adviser +47-22850600 Project economy, Project management, Financial management, Budget and applications, Reporting
Bergfall, Anne Margrete Senior Adviser +47-22857925 Learning environment, Switchboard, Project management
Bjureke, Kristina Lecturer +47-22851815 +47-95200804 (mob) +47 952 00 804 Continuing and further education, EU, Teaching, Project management, Museum pedagogy, Exhibitions
Blixt, Line Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845368 +47 971 57 818 (mob) Project management, Administration, Research support, Research cooperation
Boumans, Louis Project Manager +47-22859425 Project management, H2020
Brynildsen, Åslaug Higher Executive Officer +47-22840301 Communication, Web publishing, Research communication, Internal communication, Project management
Buvik, Trond Senior Engineer +47-91853199 (mob) Property Development, Project management
Dikova, Maria Senior Executive Officer +47-22858898 Open Access, Guest Lectures, External funding, Project management, Copy editing, Reserach support, Reporting, Cristin, Events, Conferences, Office support
Eftevåg, Åshild Maria Administrative Manager +47-23027392 + 47-402 11 930 administrative management, project management, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, research support
Eklund, Louise Bolands Adviser +47-22850513 Project economy, reimbursements and other payments, Financial management, Reporting, Budget and applications, Project management
Eldholm, Marit Project Manager +47-22858862 Project management, Research support, International cooperation, EU, Impact, External funding
Engen, Grace Adviser +47-22850657 Administration, Project management, Research support, Research cooperation, Research Group
Estensen, Monica Bring Senior Adviser +47-22845319 Press contact, Communication, Innovation, Research communication, Web publishing, Project management
Faye-Lund, Trine Senior Architect +47-48040268 (mob) Project management
Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47-22854476 +47-95100467 (mob) Project Management, IT Advisory, Application Management, Oracle, Basware
Handegard, Anita Senior Adviser +47-22857721 +47-91649176 (mob) Project Management, IT Advisory, HR system, Application Management
Harjo, Sten-Are Head Engineer +47-90044455 Project management
Haugen, Bjørn Egil Senior Adviser +47-41577657 +47-41577657 (mob) Project management, Process support
Haugen, Leif Jarle Senior Architect +47-22857876 +47-91756376 (mob) Project management, Universal design
Haugsland, Lin Anett On leave Administration, Project management, Internal audit
Hvistendahl, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22855648 EU, International cooperation, Project management, Research support
Johansen, Bjørn Vidar Administrative Manager +47-22857945 Exhibitions, Project management, Museums, Guided tours
Johnsen, Thomas Forslund Senior Architect +47-91707300 Project management, Strategy, Property Development
Karlgård, Tone Cecilie Simensen Lecturer +47-22859956 98649563 (mob) Exhibitions, Museum Pedagogy, Project management
Karv, Hanna Adviser +47-22859413 External funding, EU, project management, Research administration
Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47-22855618 Research support, Project management, International cooperation, EU
Kolstad, Aase Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22856308 +47-95037291 (mob) Project management, Counselling, Oracle, Application management
Kvalvåg, Elisabeth Senior Adviser +47-22857749 +47-92207749 (mob) Training, Project management, Facilitation, Counsellingle
Kværk, Geir Ove Senior Advisor +47 22 85 88 60 +47 99 51 37 91 (mob) Project management, External funding, International cooperation, Research management, Research support, EU
Leira, Torkjell Adviser +47-22851681 Brazil, Human rights, Climate change, Biodiversity, Indigenous peoples, Project management, Amazon, Deforestation, Rainforest, REDD+
Lindley, Kristin Project Manager +47-22856004 +47-95165128 (mob) Project management, Analysis
Lomell, Lars Section Manager +47-22840703 92290101 (mob) personnel, project management, research mediation, economy, strategy
Løw, Line Marie Adviser +47-22850625 Project management, Research Schools, Global Health, Administration
Malnes, Maja Jenssen Adviser +47-22858033 Personnel administration, Training, Regulatiions, Reporting, Whydentify, Counselling, Project management, Employment agency, Jobbnorge, Employments
Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47-22856322 +47-95832712 (mob) Financial reports, Application management, Project management, Oracle, Counselling, Basware, System development
Munthe-Kaas, Erik Assistant Director +47-99206503 (mob) Management, Financial control, Project management, Property development
Nybøen, Hanne Project management
Petersen, Stina Adviser +47-22854032 conference, External funding, Press contact, Research support, The Research Council of Norway, Open Access, Project management, Research Communication, EU
Ratnaweera, Chandani Senior Architect +47-22841095 +47-91832116 (mob) Project management
Rieber-Mohn, Marianne Head Engineer +47-92647020 (mob) Project management, Construction, Building matters
Rindal, Eirik Senior Engineer +47-22851872 +47-40224872 (mob) Biology, Microscopy, Annual plan, Relocation, Project management
Roald, Lars Adviser +47-22850502 +47-95844077 (mob) Reporting, Project management, Project economy, Financial management, Budget and applications
Rustad, Brit Heidi Assisting Head of Office +47-45861350 (mob) Administration, Project management, Library
Skolem, Anita Elisabeth Adviser +47-22840653 Reporting, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Project management, Accounts
Solheim, Geir Ove Senior Engineer +47-41459336 (mob) Strategy, Project management
Sollund, Marte Adviser +47-22841603 93432537 (mob) +47 93 43 25 37 Web editor, Project management, Web publishing
Stokkeland, Cecilia Løyning Senior Architect +47-92418968 Project management, Property Development, Strategy
Strandh, Bente Hennie Senior Adviser +47-22855445 +47-99225848 (mob) Communication, Events, Project management, Internal communication, Web publishing
Strøm, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22851739 +47-91390908 (mob) 913 90 908 Exhibitions, Project management
Stølan, Linn Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22854435 Project management, Web publishing, Research administration
Sørby, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856801 Archives, ePhorte, Counselling, Project management
Sørensen, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22781827 +47 97514857 Project management, Research support, Anders Jahre's Medical Prizes, EU funding, External funding, Administrative management, Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Gender equality
Thomassen, Thor +47-97044196 (mob) Project management
Traavik, Jarle V Section Manager +47-22858264 +47-46412402 (mob) Finance, Social media, Project management, Strategy, Governance
Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47-22841035 +47-91604437 (mob) Application management, HR system, SAPUiO, Counselling, Salary, Reporting, Web publishing, Project management
Uberg, Ulla Art Curator - University Art Collection +47-91145598 Project management, Art management, Artistic mediator
Vikøren, Kjersti Drøsdal Senior Adviser +47-22854019 Project management, Web editor, Communication, Strategic communication, Research communication
Wang, Heidi Adviser +47-22857846 +47-48237080 (mob) Counselling, Application testing management, Project management, Basware, Application management, Oracle
Wiersholm, Anne Cathrine Senior Adviser +47-22854867 +47-90027567 (mob) Counselling, Financial reports, System development, Application management, Project management, Oracle