The Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (CEED) is a center for Centre of Excellence financed by The Research Council of Norway (2013 to 2023). On this webpage you will find information about the organization of the centre.

The Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics is a cross disciplinary research centre and covers a great diversity of geoscience disciplines including geology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, palaeoclimatology, palaeontology, tectonics, palaeomagnetism, geodynamics, seismology, mineral physics, planetology,  computational and atmospheric science.

CEED's research is focused on six main themes with underlying subthemes. Each theme is studied by a dedicated group of researchers led by a teamleader, but many research activities are also developed across groups.

CEED started in 2013 with about 20 full-time scientists and postdoctoral researches, and is building on a large network of collaborations.


The center is headed by a Director / Assistant Director.

The center has also a board consisting of six members.


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