People at Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics

A Group of CEEDlings outside our building at Blindern Campus, September 2015. Photo: CEED

Management, Administrative and Technical staff

Carmen Gaina (Director) +47 22856042 carmen.gaina (at)
Trond H. Torsvik (Assistant Director) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)
Trine-Lise K. Gørbitz (Administrative Leader), Room 1.206 +47 22856435 t.l.k.gorbitz (at)
Anita Sørlie (administrative staff member) +47 22854097 anita.sorlie (at)
Anniken R. Birkelund (Coordinator DEEP Research School), Room 1.207          +47 22854061 a.r.birkelund (at)
Petter Silkoset (Adm & Research Technician), Room 1.205   petter.silkoset (at) geo.uio.,no
William Hagopian (Senior Engineer)   w.m.hagopian (at)
Frode Roghell (Financial officer employed by the MN-Faculty)   frode.roghell (at)
Helene B. Jansen (HR-officer employed by the MN-Faculty)   h.b.jansen (at) or personalgruppen (at)


Research Teams and Team Leaders

Trond H. Torsvik (Team  Leader - Dynamic Earth) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)
Clinton Conrad (Team Leader -  Earth Modelling) +47 22854092 c.p.conrad (at)
Henrik Svensen (Team Leader - Earth Crises) +47 22856946 henrik.svensen (at)
Reidar Trønnes (Team Leader - Deep Earth) +47 22851644 r.g.tronnes (at)
Stephanie C. Werner (Team Leader - Earth & Beyond) +47 22856472 stephanie.werner (at)
Pavel Doubrovine (Team Leader - Earth Laboratory) +47 22856922 pavel.dubrovin (at)


Scientific Advisory Board

Rob van der Voo, Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Harbour (USA) Leader        voo (at)
Linda Elkins-Tanton, Professor of Geology, Director of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University  (USA) Member ltelkins (at)
Karin Sigloch, Associate Professor of Geophysics, University of Oxford (UK) Member karin.sigloch (at)
Mioara Mandea, Solid Earth Programme Manager, Directorate for Strategy and Programmes, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiale, Paris (France) Member mioara.mandea (at)
Sierd Cloetingh, Distinguished Professor, Utrecht Universiteit, Amsterdam and Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences (the Netherlands) Member sierd.cloetingh (at)
Dave Bercovici, Professor of Geophysics, Yale University (USA) Member dave.bercovici (at)
Michael Gurnis, Professor of Geophysics, Director of the Seismological Laboratory, CalTech, California Institute of Technology (USA) Member gurnis (at)


Research Team:

Deep Earth

Reidar Trønnes (Professor, Team Leader ) Room 2.309 r.g.tronnes (at)
Valerie Maupin (Professor) Room 2.308 (from June 16) Valerie.maupin (at)
Chris E. Mohn (Research Associate) Room 2.311 c.e.mohn (at)
Bernhard Steinberger (Adjunct Professor)   bstein (at)
Wim Spakman (Adjunct Professor)   wim.spakman (at)
Andreas Løken (Postdoc) Room 2.311 andreas.loken (at)
Marzena Baron (nee Kohut, PhD student) Room 2.310 m.a.kohut (at)
Marthe Grønlie Guren (MSc student for Trønnes) The Master student room marthgg (at)
Christian Grude Kolstad (MSc student for Maupin) The Master student room chrisgko (at)

Research Team:

Dynamic Earth

Trond. H. Torsvik (Professor, Team Leader) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)

Working Group:

Integrated Basin and Lithospheric Studies

Jan Inge Faliede (Professr 30 %, Working Group Leader) Room 2.306 j.i.faleide (at)
M. Mansour Abdelmalak (Research Associate) Room 2.328 m.m.abdelmalak (at)
Asbjørn Breivik (Associate Professor) Room 1.210 asbjorn.breivik (at)
Alexander Minakov (Postdoc) Room 2.307 alexander.minakov (at)
Sergei Medvedev (Research Associate) Room 2.305 sergei.medvedev (at)
Alexey Shulgin (Postdoc) Room 2.307 alexey.shulgin (at)
Leanne Cowie (Postdoc) Room 2.305
Ebbe H. Hartz (Adjunct Professor) +47 22856676 e.h.hartz at)
Johannes Schweitzer (Adjunct Professor) Room 2.325 johannes (at)
Hans Thybo (Visiting Professor) Room 1.329 h.thybo (at)
Pingchuan Tan (PhD student) Room 2.325 pingchut (at)

Working Group:

Oceanic Basins and Climate Changes

Carmen Gaina (Professor, Working Group Leader) Room 2.323 carmen.gaina (at)
Judy Hannah (Researcher 50 %) Room 3.428 j.l.hannah (at)
Holly Stein (Researcher 50 %) Room 3.429 h.j.stein (at)
Grace Shephard (Postdoc) Room 2.326 g.e.shephard (at)
Valentina Magni (Postdoc) Room 2.325 valentina.magni (at) geo
Kerim Niscancioglu (Adjunct Professor) Room 2.328 kerim (at)
Juan Carlos Afonso (Adjunct Professor) Macquarie University, Sydney juan.afonso (at)
Svet Gregorgiev  (CEED Associated) Colorado State University  
Joost M. van den Broek (PhD student) Room 3.423
Eivind Straume (PhD student) Room 3.423 e.o.straume (at)
Charlotte Bruland (Master student for Maupin) Master student room 3.411 charlbru (at)

Working Group:

Margins and orogeny

Torgeir B. Andersen (Professor, Working Group Leader) Room 2.327 t.b.andersen (at)
Fernando Corfu (Professor 20 %) +47 22856680 fernando.corfu (at) 
Roy Gabrielsen (Professor 30 %)   r.h.gabrielsen (at)
Susanne Buiter (Adjunct Professor)   susanne.buiter (at)
Johannes Jakob (Postdoc) Room 2.310 johannes.jakob (at)
Hans Jørgen Kjøll (PhD student) Room 1.209 h.j.kjoll (at)

Research Team:

Earth Crisis

Henrik Svensen (Professor, Team Leader) Room 3.405 henrik.svensen (at)
Anne Hope Jahren (Wilson Professor) Room 3.428
Frode Stordal (Professor 20 %) +47 22855204 frode.stordal (at)
Adriano Mazzini (Research Associate) Room 3.409 adriano.mazzini (at)
Wolfram Kürschner (Professor 30 %) +47 22855204 w.m.kuerschner (at)
Dougal Jeram (Adjunct Professor) Room 3.408 dougal (at)
Else Ragnhild Neumann (Professor Emerita) Room 1.208 e.r.neumann (at)
Sverre Planke (Adjunct Professor) Room 3.408 planke (at)
Alexander Polozov (Adjunct Professor) Room 3.408 a.g.polozov (at)
Morgan Jones (Research Associate) Room 3.406 m.t.jones (at)
Marine Collignon (Postdoc) Room 3.407 marine.collignon (at)
Lars Eivind Augland (Postdoc) Room 3.406 l.e.augland (at)
Mohammad J. Fallahi (Postdoc) Room 3.407 m.j.fallahi (at)
Sara Callegaro (Postdoc) Room 3.408 sara.callegaro (at)
Thea H. Heimdal (PhD student) Room 3.410
Alexandra Zaputlyaeva (PhD student) Room 1.209
Ella W. Stokke (PhD student from 3.7.2017)    
Bjørn T. Larsen (Emeritus) +47 41514880 larsenbjorntore (at)
Karyono (PhD student, Indonesia)   karyonosu (at)
Alwi Husein (PhD student, Indonesia)   alwihusein86 (at)
Eirik M.G. Ballo (MSc stud. Svensen, Augland, Hammer) The Master student room

Research Team:

Earth and Beyond

Stephanie Werner (Associate Professor, Team Leader)  Room 3.42 stephanie.werner (at)
Henning Dypvik (Professor 30 %) +47 22856659 henning.dypvik (at) 
Vera Fernandes (CEED Associated) Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin veraafernandes (at)
Tobias Rolf (Postdoc) Room 3.425 tobias.rolf (at)
Zhiyong (Beary) Xiao (Guest Researcher) Wuhan, China zhiyong.xiao (at)
Aswin Sekhar (Postdoc) Room 3.427 aswin.sekhar (at)
Jean-Christophe Viennet (Postdoc) Room 3.426 j.c.viennet (at)
Benjamin Bultel (Postdoc from 15.1.16) Room 3.426 benjamin.bultel (at)
Nils Prieur (PhD student) Room 3.423 n.c.prieur (at)
Sruthi Uppalapati (PhD student) Room 3.423 sruthi.uppalapati (at)
Christian Sætre (PhD Student) Dept. of Geosciences christian.satre (at)
Volker Hoffmann (Guest Researcher) Room 3.408 volker (at)

Research Team:

Earth Modelling

Clint Conrad (Professor, Team Leader)    
Abigail Bull-Aller (Postdoc, maternity leave) Room 2.329 a.l.bull (at)
Fabio Crameri (Postdoc) Room 3.425 fabio.crameri (at)
NN (PhD student) Room 2.329 b.h.heyn (at)
Mathis G. Kristensen (PhD student from ca. 4.9.17) Room 2.329  
Robin Watson (Research Associate) NGU  
Laurent Montesi (Guest Researcher to July 2017) Room 2.311

Research Team:

Earth Laboratory

Pavel Doubrovine (Research Associate, Team Leader) Room 1.225 pavel.dubrovin (at)
Mat Domeier (Postdoc) Room 1.226 mathew.domeier (at)
Evgeniy Kulakov (Postdoc) Room 1.209 evgeniy.kulakov (at)
Erik Halvorsen (PhD student at UiB) Room 1.226 erik.halvorsen (at)
Petter Silkoset (Technical Assistant) Room 1.205 petter.silkoset (at)

Former staff members and students at CEED

Name and position at CEED

Position after CEED

Contact E-mail

Reza Angkasa (MSc student until June 2016)    
Zhiyong (Beary) Xiao (Postdoc to 30.9.15)                                             School of Earth Sciences, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) xiaobeary (at)
xiaobeary (at)
Theissen-Krah, Sonja (Postdoc 2013-14) Postdoc GEOMAR Kiel, Germany stheissen(at)
Hansma, Jeroen (PhD student to 31.1.15)    
Lebedeva-Ivanova, Nina  (Research Associate to 31.12.16) Researcher, VBPR  
Robson-Trønnes, Jennifer (Admin. to 30.9.15) Tolldirektoratet Jennifer.Robson-Tronnes (at)
Selway, Kate  (Postdoc to 31.12.16) Adjunct Professor, Maquarie University  
Arani, Sabbareh K. (MSc student to Des. 2016)    
Asif, Summya (MSc student to Des.16)    
Eigenmann, Katharine (MSc student to Dec-16)    
Enger, Anders (MSc student to Feb. 16)    
Kjelberg; Øystein (MSc student to Dec. 15)    
van den Brink, Majkel (MSc student to June 15)    
Valrygg, Daniel (MSc student 2013-14)    
Drescher, Herman (MSc student 2013-14)    
Eva H. Fritzell (MSc student to June 2015) Norges vassdrags- og energidirektorat, IT-division evahfr (at)
Guri Odden (MSc student to June 2015) Geophysicist, Total EP Norway AS, Stavanger  
Manar Alsaif (MSc student to May 2015) SUBITUP (ESR10) PhD student at Université Montpellier  
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