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  • 17-summer-school A successful "A Changing Arctic" 2017 program 3. aug. 2017 12:06

    This week saw the conclusion the UiO International Summer School course "A Changing Arctic". The annual 6 week course is a blend of social science, law, and natural science lectures, and this year saw 13 students from a range of professional backgrounds and nationalities attend. As in previous years, CEED is heavily involved in the program; Carmen Gaina is course leader and a lecturer, course assistant is Grace Shephard, and this year's line-up included a lecture from Anne Hope Jahren.

  • interpretations Tidligere geostudenter førsteforfattere av artikler i "Interpretation" 29. juni 2017 20:27

    Sigurd Kjoberg og Syahreza Saidina Angkasa ble ferdige med MSc i Geosciences i 2016. Begge de to tidligere GEO-studentene har hatt tilknytning til CEED. De to er nå førsteforfattere av artikler i tidsskriftet Interpretation, artikler basert på arbeidet de gjorde i sine masteroppgaver.