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Selection and evolvability: Concepts, measurements and statistics

Evolutionary biology and genomics

The ecology and evolution of infectious diseases within an environmental reservoir

Integration of ecology and evolution

Welcome to The Kristine Bonnevie lectures, 2 September 2015!

Open for all! This event is part of the University’s annual celebration.

  • Georgina Mace, from University College London, will show how the focus of nature conservation has shifted away from preservation and protection, as the impact of human activities on land and in the sea continues to spread and intensify. Her lecture is titled: "How should we value nature in a human-dominated world?"
  • James Wilsdon will describe how cultures of scientific advice have changed over the past twenty years, to become more open, accountable and multidisciplinary. His lecture is titled: "The science and art of scientific advice"

Time and day: 10.15 AM, Wednesday 2 September 2015
Venue: Georg Sverdrups hus, Blindern




CEES Members: Register for the Annual Student Conference

14-15 October 2015, at Sundvollen Hotell.