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Picture of Yngvild Vindenes Vindenes, Yngvild Researcher Climate effects, Climate change, climate change ecology, Ecological statistics, Stochastic analysis, Life history strategies, Evolutionary Ecology, Ecology, Population dynamics, Population ecology, Fish, Statistical modelling, Time series analysis, Demography
Picture of Artem Alekseevich Vladimirov Vladimirov, Artem Alekseevich Condensed matter theory, Mathematical modeling, Population models, Soil organic matter, Magnetism, Russia
Picture of Kjetil Lysne Voje Voje, Kjetil Lysne Forsker +47-22854577 Evolution, Speciation
Picture of Asbjørn Vøllestad Vøllestad, Asbjørn Professor +47-22854640 99103624 Evolutionary Ecology, Individual-based modeling, Life-history evolution, Local adaptation, Salmonids, Adaptation, Biology, Climate effects, Conservation biology, Ecology, Evolution, Life history, Life science, population ecology, Nordic
Picture of Tore Wallem Wallem, Tore Adviser +4722858278 +4799709708 Media contact, copyediting, webmaster, event coordinator, Cristin
Picture of Jason Whittington Whittington, Jason Researcher 91747132 +47.917.47.132 Animal physiology, Atlantic cod, Mate choice, Adaptation, Behaviour, Behavioral ecology, Birds, Climate adaptation, climate change ecology, Conservation biology, Life history strategies, Marine ecology, Ornithology, Population dynamics, Seabirds, Sexual selection, Time series analysis
Picture of Anna-Marie Winter Winter, Anna-Marie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Meike Tessa Wortel Wortel, Meike Tessa Researcher
Picture of Lukasz Adam Wyrozemski Wyrozemski, Lukasz Adam Doctoral Research Fellow +47-92056342
Picture of Lei Xu Xu, Lei Researcher Plague, Dengue, Rodent population, China
Picture of Kjartan Østbye Østbye, Kjartan Conservation genetics, Divergence: neutral and adaptive, Ecological genomics, Evolutionary Ecology, Foraging ecology, Historic DNA, Local adaptation, Parallel evolution, Phenotypic integration, Reproductive isolation, Adaptation, Ancient DNA, Ecology, Evolutionary biology, Fish, Hybridization, Microsatellite, Mitochondrial DNA, Molecular ecology, Molecular evolution, Phylogenetics, Population genetics