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Visiting address Blindernveien 31 None 0371 OSLO
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Academic interests

I am a PhD Research Fellow at CEES. In joined the MedPlag project in 2015 under the supervision of Barbara Bramanti to investigate strains of Yersinia pestis throughout the second plague pandemic (14th - 18th century) via ancient DNA analysis.

My previous research experience at the University of York, UK, focused on the genomic and metagenomic analysis of archaeological samples. Specifically, the analysis of dental calculus, ancient oral microbiota and oral pathogens. A big portion of my work Involved bioinformatics and the development of scripts for the ancient DNA research group, but also lab based work in the ancient DNA laboratory at BioArCh.

My main research interests are in palaeogenomics, palaeopathology, bioinformatics, taphonomy and Neolithic archeology. In hold an MSc in Human Osteology from the University of Sheffield, with a focus on bone microstructure and diagenesis. I also hold a BA in Prehistory and Early History from the University of Vienna, Austria, where I was also studying Biology.


(Foto: Anna Florentina Bräu)
Tags: aDNA, Yersinia pestis


  • Guellil, Meriam (2016). Investigating medieval plague via ancient DNA analysis: Results and challenges.
  • Guellil, Meriam (2016). Needle in a Haystack: Searching for pathogens in ancient human metagenomic datasets.
  • Guellil, Meriam (2016). The Need for Resolution: Addressing the lack of multidisciplinary integration in Medieval plague research.
  • Guellil, Meriam (2015). Evolution and paths of transmission of Yersinia pestis during the second plague pandemic (1346 CE–18th Century) in medieval Europe.

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