Olja Toljagic

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Visiting address Blindernveien 31 None 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Student)

Academic Interests

I started my PhD on Macroevolution and how spreading grasslands drove the evolution of teeth morphology in herbivores. This project will be combining comparative and paleontological approaches to address the validity of a classic story of adaptation: the spread of grasslands and the rapid appearance of ungulates with high-crowned molars about 20-15 million years ago.

I have studied in the Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME), where I completed my degrees at Ludwig Maximilian University (Munich, Germany) and Uppsala University (Sweden).


Toljagic O, Butler RJ. 2013 Triassic–Jurassic mass extinction as trigger for the Mesozoic
radiation of crocodylomorphs. Biol. Lett. 9, 20130095. (doi:10.1098/rsbl.2013.0095)



  • Toljagic, Olja; Voje, Kjetil L.; Matschiner, Michael; Liow, Lee Hsiang & Hansen, Thomas F (2017). Millions of years behind: slow adaptation of ruminants to grasslands. Systematic Biology.  ISSN 1063-5157.  67(1), s 145- 157 . doi: 10.1093/sysbio/syx059

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  • Toljagic, Olja (2017). Dynamics of ruminant adaptation and diversification.
  • Toljagic, Olja (2017). Fossil teeth in African savannah tell the story of adaptation.
  • Toljagic, Olja (2016). Diversification dynamics driven by morphological adaptations.
  • Toljagic, Olja (2015). Ungulate evolution in the slow lane.
  • Toljagic, Olja (2014). Evolutionary rates in ungulates.
  • Toljagic, Olja (2014). Evolutionary rates in ungulates: A two-pronged approach.

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