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My primary research interest is on connectivity and microevolutionary patterns and processes. I started working on such issues in 2000. Since then, I have worked on linking genetic data with physical and biological data in different modeling approaches in studies of several high gene flow species. The novel outcome of these papers was a better understanding of underlying mechanisms behind the observed genetic patterns; for instance, determining during which lifestage gene flow more likely occurs. Another outcome was knowledge on the extent these spatial differences are caused by ecological responses (i.e. plasticity) or local adaptations. I  have also investigated mechanisms behind genetic patterns by pure ecological studies of egg density and current measurements in fjords, or behaviour data, all combined with advanced statistics. 

I have been involved in and also lead (as PI) several research projects that have received funding from several sources in EU, ESF (European Science Foundation), the Norwegian Research Council (NRC), and Nordic funding sources (Nordic Council). These projects have allowed me to stay active as a researcher and to publish within my preferred fields of research. Currently, I am leading one three year international project funded by EU/Interrreg, and one project funded by the NRC, on evolutionary genetic questions related to climate changes. In addition I lead two large national projects, one of which is externally funded (KLIF) and another which is funded by the ministry of Fishery and Coastal Affairs.

I enjoy working with students. Since 2006 I have supervised three MSc students from the Universities of Oslo and Trondheim, all of which have now graduated, and two recently started from University of Oslo (UiO). I have further been involved in supervising two PhD students from UiO, which graduated in 2010, and I am the main supervisor for another ongoing PhD student from Portugal (to be graduated in 2014). Recently I am, together with colleagues, trying to build up a small marine research group at IMR Flødevigen together with University of Agder (UiA) and CEES. 

Tags: Genetics, Genome, Evolutionary biology, Population genetics, Evolution, DNA, Population ecology, Evolutionary genomics, Atlantic cod, Marine ecology, Molecular markers, Evolutionary ecology, Ecological statistics, Marine biology, Genetic diversity, Biology, Genomics, Ecology


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