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Lauren Rogers

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Visiting address Blindernveien 31 0371 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Research Interests

My research falls at the intersection of ecology and fisheries science. I am particularly interested in understanding how fish and their ecosystems are affected by exploitation and changes in climate, and in determining which features of populations, communities and ecosystems make them resilient to increasing human pressures. Much of my work has involved the analysis of historical (and paleo) time-series to draw inferences about past patterns of variation in populations, and I apply a wide range of statistical modeling tools in my research.

I particularly enjoy research that is grounded in basic ecology but which has direct connections to applied topics in marine conservation. Currently I am studying how climate and intrinsic population processes interact to shape the dynamics of coastal Atlantic cod stocks. Further research is focused on compiling diverse types of data to draw inferences about the relevant scales of spatial population structuring in marine fishes for both ecology and management.


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Rogers, L.A. and D.E. Schindler. 2008. Asynchrony in population dynamics of sockeye salmon in southwest Alaska. Oikos 117:1578-1586.




Tags: Atlantic cod, Statistical modelling, Population dynamics, Migration, Salmonids, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Ecology, Fish, Marine ecology, Population ecology, Time series analysis, Fisheries oceanography


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  • Boonstra, Wiebren; Ottosen, Katharina M.; Ferreira, Ana Sofia de Araújo; Richter, Andries Peter; Rogers, Lauren; Pedersen, Martin Wæver; Kokkalis, Alexandros; Bárðarson, Hlynur; Bonanomi, Sara; Butler, William; Diekert, Florian Klaus; Fouzai, Nadia; Holma, Maija Kristiina; Holt, Rebecca; Kvile, Kristina Øie; Malanski, Evandro; Macdonald, Jed I.; Nieminen, Emmi Elina; Romagnoni, Giovanni; Snickars, Martin; Weigel, Benjamin; Woods, Pamela J.; Yletyinen, Johanna Katariina & Whittington, Jason (2015). What are the major global threats and impacts in marine environments? Investigating the contours of a shared perception among marine scientists from the bottom-up. Marine Policy.  ISSN 0308-597X.  60, s 197- 201 . doi: 10.1016/j.marpol.2015.06.007
  • Rogers, Lauren (2012). Climate and population density drive changes in cod body size.
  • Rogers, Lauren (2012). Linking climate variability to Atlantic cod population dynamics along the Norwegian Skagerrak coast.
  • Rogers, Lauren (2011, 18. januar). Warming Waters Further Imperil Atlantic Cod . [Internett].  Scientific American.
  • Rogers, Lauren (2011). Inter-decadal and centennial variability in Pacific salmon abundance over 500 years.

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