Michael Matschiner

Academic Interests

I’m currently working as a bioinformatician in the AquaGenome project. I did my PhD in Basel, Switzerland, on the evolution of Antarctic fishes (Notothenioidei), using phylogenetics and molecular dating to compare the emergence of a particular innovation (antifreeze glycoproteins) with the timing of cooling events in Antarctic waters. We found that both events may have coincided and that the antifreeze glycoproteins may have triggered the adaptive radiation of these fishes.

For my first postdoc I moved to New Zealand, where I collaborated with mathematicians and computer scientists to develop a novel way to time-calibrate phylogenies. I am broadly interested in vertebrate evolution, both over larger time scales and between species, and over short time scales on the population level. I believe that for both macro- and microevolutionary studies we need good estimates of the timing of events, and that these estimates can be obtained with the combination of molecular data, biogeography, and fossils.




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  • Matschiner, Michael; Star, Bastiaan; Barth, Julia Maria Isis; Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd & Jentoft, Sissel (2017). Genomic rearrangements a phylogenetic approach.
  • Barth, Julia Maria Isis; Star, Bastiaan; Matschiner, Michael; Berg, Paul Ragnar; Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd & Jentoft, Sissel (2016). Ancient genomic variation separates Atlantic cod ecotypes; implications for management.
  • Matschiner, Michael (2015). Inversions or Introgression: The origin of high-divergence genomic regions in Atlantic cod.
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  • Matschiner, Michael; Star, Bastiaan; Berg, Paul Ragnar; Tørresen, Ole Kristian; Nederbragt, Alexander Johan; Hansen, Marianne Helén Selander; Skage, Morten; Kjesbu, Olav Sigurd; Stenseth, Nils Christian; Jakobsen, Kjetill Sigurd & Jentoft, Sissel (2014). Population differentiation and local adaptation in Atlantic cod.

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