New face: Nadezda A. Vasilyeva

From Russia

My research interests are in the area of nonlinear dynamics in complex self-organizing systems and feedbacks in biospheric processes. I have been working on modeling mechanisms of macroscale soil structure genesis and degradation driven by soil organic matter transformations by microorganisms. I am very interested to broaden my ecosystems research vision. This excellent opportunity is provided now by NordForsk supported Nordic-Russian collaboration project “Multidisciplinary approach to anticipate critical regime shifts in terrestrial and marine systems at risk” (TerMaRisk). The project was initiated by Anna-Marie Winter between CEES and our Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Mathematical Modeling of Soil Systems at Dokuchaev Soil Science Institute in Moscow, Russia (ILMMSS).

As a postdoc I have experienced team work in international research projects at French Centre National des Recherches Scientifiques (CNRS) with a research project on soil organic carbon stabilization processes and sensitivity to climate change. As well, as a visiting postdoc in the Department of Geography, Soil Science and Biogeography, University of Zürich with research on black carbon stabilization of soil organic matter, and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia with soil organic matter thermal analysis.

As educational background I have obtained PhD at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, Department of Soil Physics and Reclamation, together with MS in Soil Science Department and BS in applied mathematics and informatics, specializing in mathematical modeling and numerical methods in the Department of Mathematical Physics.

Within TerMaRisk project I am supervising a master student Maria Zaitzeva from ILMMSS, who is doing her Diploma. I work together with Dr. Artem Vladimirov from ILMMSS and Anna-Marie Winter from CEES on developing early-warning signals for predicting critical regime shifts in ecosystems under supervision of Prof. Nils Stenseth and Dr. Anne Maria Eikeset.

Published Apr. 28, 2017 11:27 AM - Last modified Apr. 28, 2017 11:30 AM