Participants in MedPlag

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Barbara Bramanti
Nils Christian Stenseth Professor +47-22854584 Life sciences, China, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Nordic, Global South
Stephanie Hänsch Ancient DNA, Plague
Meriam Guellil Doctoral Research Fellow aDNA, Genomics, metagenomics, Yersinia pestis
Boris Valentijn Schmid Researcher Ancient DNA, Epidemiology, China, History, Rodents, Ecology, Evolution, Plague
William Ryan Easterday Researcher Adaptive dynamics, Local adaptation, DNA sequencing, Evolution, Genomics, Life-history evolution, Plague, Disease ecology, Microbial evolution, Parasites, Diseases, Population genomics, DNA barcoding
Kyrre Linné Kausrud 99545145 (mob) +47 99545145 Savanna ecology, Epidemiology, Individual-based modeling, History, Life-history evolution, Statistical modelling, Environmental sampling, Evolutionary ecology, Climate effects, Disease ecology, Plague, Human evolution, Ungulate grazing ecology, Population dynamics, Arctic and alpine ecosystems, Evolutionary game theory, Tagging
Lars Walløe Professor Emeritus +47-22851218 Cardiovascular control, Demography, Biology of whales, Plague, Biostatistics, Heart and blood vessels
Oliver Kersten Research Assistant Metabarcoding, DNA sequence analysis, Genomics, Marine ecology, aDNA, Zooplankton, Ancient DNA
Katharine Rose Dean Doctoral Research Fellow
Thomas Hendricus Augustus Haverkamp Researcher
Claudio Ottoni Postdoctoral Fellow Population Genetics, Evolutionary Biology, Ancient DNA
Amine Namouchi Researcher Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Phylogenomics, Epidemiology

Other participants

  • Mark Achtman
  • Ulf Büntgen
  • Lela Bakanidze
  • Raffaella Bianucci
  • Elisabeth Carniel