Participants in Genomic and Evolutionary Biology Synthesis

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Nils Christian Stenseth Professor +47-22854584 Life sciences, China, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Nordic, Global South
Kjetill Sigurd Jakobsen Professor +47-22854602 +47-90741779 (mob) Life sciences
Sissel Jentoft Deputy Chair/Project Coordinator +47 22857239 +47-90514752 (mob)
Eli Knispel Rueness +47-22854570 Conservation genetics, Historic DNA, Biodiversity, Biogeography, Habitat fragmentation, Mammals
Thomas Owens Svennungsen
Emiliano Trucchi
Lex Nederbragt Senior Engineer +47-22844132 Atlantic cod, Ecological genomics, Evolutionary Ecology, Genomics, Population genomics, Programming, Amplicon high throughput sequencing, Bioinformatics, Biology, Comparative genomics, DNA sequence analysis, DNA sequencing, Evolution, Evolutionary biology, Evolutionary genomics, Fish, Genes, Genetics, Genome, High-throughput sequencing, Life Science, Phylogenomics, Pyrosequencing, 454 sequencing
Bastiaan Star Researcher +47-22858370 Atlantic cod, Evolutionary Ecology, Genomics, Historic DNA, Life-history evolution, Local adaptation, Population genomics, Programming, Thermal physiology, Adaptation, Amplicon high throughput sequencing, Ancient DNA, Bioinformatics, Comparative genomics, DNA, DNA sequence analysis, DNA sequencing, Evolutionary biology, Evolutionary genomics, Fish, Genetics, Genome, High-throughput sequencing, Molecular evolution, Population genetics, 454 sequencing

Other participants