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Picture of Tore Benneche Benneche, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22855556 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Fred Espen Benth Benth, Fred Espen Professor +47-22855892 +47-99262384 Mathematics, Energy, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA
Picture of Alf Kristian Berg Berg, Alf Kristian Professor II +47-22856525
Picture of Berit Løken Berg Berg, Berit Løken Senior Engineer +47-22856651
Berg, Henriette Engen Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Yngvar Berg Berg, Yngvar Professor +47-22852701
Picture of Stein Bergan Bergan, Stein Professor II +47-23071082 93266214
Picture of Eli Berge Berge, Eli Senior Adviser +47-22852497 Web editor, Communication, Recruitment, Research communication, Cristin
Berge, Kristian Collin Adjunct assistant professor
Picture of Tom Morten Berge Berge, Tom Morten Doctoral Research Fellow FPGA, Embedded System, Radiation Effects, Space Technology, CubeSats
Picture of Gunnar Rye Bergersen Bergersen, Gunnar Rye Associate Professor programming, skill, knowledge, expertise, ability, measurement
Bergh, Trond
Bergkvam, Øystein Senior Adviser +47-22856345 Student and Academic Administration, Examination, National Student Database, Cheating, Diploma
Picture of Joakim Bergli Bergli, Joakim Professor +47-22854304
Bergsaker, Anne Schad Senior Engineer +47-22840110
Picture of Kristin Bergum Bergum, Kristin Researcher +47-22840944
Picture of Kristian Berland Berland, Kristian Researcher 45679296 Thermoelectric materials, van der Waals systems, vdW-DF, Heterostructures
Picture of Fabian Leonardo Martinez Bernal Bernal, Fabian Leonardo Martinez Researcher
Picture of Lars Bernhardsen Bernhardsen, Lars Head of Office +47-22856429
Picture of Morten Berntsen Berntsen, Morten Head Engineer +47-22855557
Picture of Terje Koren Berntsen Berntsen, Terje Koren Professor +47-22858771 Meteorology, Climate-chemistry interactions, Climate Models, Black carbon
Picture of Marie Berstad Berstad, Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22857041 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Arnold F Bertelsen Bertelsen, Arnold F Professor Emeritus Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics
Picture of Håvard Svanes Bertelsen Bertelsen, Håvard Svanes Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Thomas Bertelsen Bertelsen, Thomas Senior Executive Officer +47-22840955 40866227