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Picture of Susanne Buiter Buiter, Susanne Researcher
Picture of Antonio Gonzalez Burgueno Burgueno, Antonio Gonzalez Doctoral Research Fellow 99119857
Picture of John Faulkner Burkhart Burkhart, John Faulkner Associate Professor +47-96825011 Hydrology, Cryosphere, Energy challenges, Water resources management, Uncertainty analyses
Picture of Jo Inge Buskenes Buskenes, Jo Inge +47-22840903
Picture of Ragnar Bye Bye, Ragnar +47-22856579 +47-91383087
Picture of Bendik Bygstad Bygstad, Bendik Professor +47-22840109 97658061
Bærland, Trygve Doctoral Research Fellow Partial Differential Equations, Mathematics
Picture of Kim Magnus Bærum Bærum, Kim Magnus Guest
Picture of Paul Christoph Bätzing Bätzing, Paul Christoph Doctoral Research Fellow CERN, ALICE, heavy ion physics
Picture of Maria Vetleseter Bøe Bøe, Maria Vetleseter Associate Professor +47-22857814
Picture of Svein Bøe Bøe, Svein Senior Engineer +47-22840170 +47-92442858
Picture of Erik Bølviken Bølviken, Erik Professor +47-22855877 Statistics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Bølviken, Håkon Strand Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Nina Børresen Børresen, Nina Higher Executive Officer +47-22856560 TP, Cristin, Web publishing, Reception
Børsting, Jorun Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Eli Børve Børve, Eli
Picture of Helle Tessand Baalsrud Baalsrud, Helle Tessand Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Erlend Bårdsen Bårdsen, Erlend Senior Engineer Electronics
Picture of Gustav Baardsen Baardsen, Gustav Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Luis Cadahia-Lorenzo Cadahia-Lorenzo, Luis Researcher +47-22854630 Conservation genetics, Evolutionary Ecology, Adaptation, Birds, Climate Change, Conservation biology, Ecology, Migration, Molecular ecology, Phenology, Population genetics, Quantitative genetics
Picture of Xing Cai Cai, Xing Professor +47-48294368
Picture of Sara Callegaro Callegaro, Sara Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of David  Cameron Cameron, David Centre Coordinator +47 22 85 04 46 + 47 48084637 SIRIUS - Centre for Research-driven Innovation, semantic technologies, digitalisation, oil and gas, automation
Picture of David Gordon Cameron Cameron, David Gordon Researcher +41-7670245 CERN, Computing grid, NorduGrid, ATLAS, Grid data management
Carlson, Andreas Associate Professor +47-22857223 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics