Persons tagged with «Electronics»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of David Michael Bang-Hauge Bang-Hauge, David Michael Head Engineer +47-22854308 Electronics, CAD, Purchasing, CubeSTAR
Picture of Jan Kenneth Bekkeng Bekkeng, Jan Kenneth Associate Professor Electronics, instrumentation, Space technology
Picture of Erlend Bårdsen Bårdsen, Erlend Senior Engineer Electronics
Picture of Behzad Foroughinejad Foroughinejad, Behzad Head Engineer +47-22857378 Electronics
Picture of Terje Grønås Grønås, Terje Head Engineer +47-22854463 Electronics
Picture of Yngve Hafting Hafting, Yngve Senior Engineer +47-22841691 +47-41120878 robotics and intelligent systems, safety delegate, electronics, FPGA, 3D-printing, purchases
Hoang, Huy Doctoral Research Fellow Electronics, Instrumentation, Space Physics
Picture of Philipp Dominik Häfliger Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Professor +47-22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Integrated circuits, Neuromorphic systems, Micro-implants, Machine Learning, USA
Picture of Jan Olav Høgetveit Høgetveit, Jan Olav Førsteamanuensis II +47 23 07 15 99 Biomedical instrumentation, clinical engineering, medical technology, Electronics, Bioimpedance, Surgical technology
Picture of Kai Morgan Kjølerbakken Kjølerbakken, Kai Morgan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99637764 Electronics, Instrumentation, Space Physics
Picture of Olav Stanly Kyrvestad Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47-22852412 +47-93401045 IT support for research, IT support for education, CAD, Electronics, Purchasing, Nanoelectronics and robotics, HES
Picture of Ørjan Grøttem Martinsen Martinsen, Ørjan Grøttem Professor +47-22856474 Biomedical physics, Electronics, Electric properties, Bioimpedance
Picture of Reyna Guadalupe Ramirez De La Torre Ramirez De La Torre, Reyna Guadalupe Doctoral Research Fellow Fluid dynamics, Sports, Mechanics, Electronics
Picture of Tom Thorsen Thorsen, Tom Senior Engineer +47-22855467 Electronics
Picture of Jon Wikne Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-22855076 +47-92285776 Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems, ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory