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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Henning Dypvik Dypvik, Henning Professor +47-22856659 Geology, Impact geology, Sedimentology
Picture of Dag Kristian Dysthe Dysthe, Dag Kristian Professor +47-22856043 +47-90940996
Picture of Joanna Dziadkowiec Dziadkowiec, Joanna Doctoral Research Fellow +47 96758932 calcite, SFA
Picture of William Ryan Easterday Easterday, William Ryan Researcher Adaptive dynamics, Local adaptation, DNA sequencing, Evolution, Genomics, Life-history evolution, Plague, Disease ecology, Microbial evolution, Parasites, Diseases, Population genomics, DNA barcoding
Picture of Norith Eckbo Eckbo, Norith Doctoral Research Fellow +4797161019 Arctic, Seabirds, Penguins, Forskningsformidling, Antarctic, Science communication
Picture of Nina Frederike J Edin Edin, Nina Frederike J Associate Professor +47-22855492 Life sciences, Biomedical physics, biophysics, medical physics, Radiation physics, Radiation biophysics, Cancer, Radiation protection, Hypoxia, Low dose irradiation, Cell kinetics, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Proton therapy
Picture of Bente Edvardsen Edvardsen, Bente Professor +47-22857038 Science and technology, Biodiversity, Marine biodiversity, Life sciences, Biology, Harmful algae, Mikroalgae, Ecology, Microbiology, Oceanography
Picture of Jan Olav Eeg Eeg, Jan Olav Professor Emeritus +47-22854319 97763160 Quantum field theory, Quantum physics, Physics of elementary particles
Picture of Sindre Eftestøl Eftestøl, Sindre Researcher +47-22854628 93069510
Picture of Alv Egeland Egeland, Alv Professor emeritus +47 - 2285 5672 +47 - 9133 3811
Picture of Erlend Johannessen Egeland Egeland, Erlend Johannessen Doctoral Research Fellow +4793001537
Picture of Elianne Dunthorn Egge Egge, Elianne Dunthorn +47-22857365
Picture of Ingrid Marie Egner Egner, Ingrid Marie Head Engineer
Picture of Anne Maria Eikeset Eikeset, Anne Maria Researcher +47-22855722 99699311
Picture of Anne Maria Eikeset Eikeset, Anne Maria Researcher +47-22855722 99699311 +4799699311
Picture of Wenche Eikrem Eikrem, Wenche Associate Professor +47-22854531 Phytoplankton, Protists, Microalgal taxonomy, Micropsammon, Microalgal biodiversity, Toxic algae, Microalgal ultrastructure, Microalgae
Picture of Alexander Eiler Eiler, Alexander Associate Professor +47-22854527 Microbial Ecology, Microbial Evolution, Environmental DNA, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics, Experimental Evolution, Sweden, Finland, USA, Brazil
Picture of Gaute Einevoll Einevoll, Gaute Professor II 51249
Picture of Odile Eisenstein Eisenstein, Odile Professor II Chemistry
Eklund, Henrik Doctoral Research Fellow - Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics Planetary formation, Protoplanetary discs, Planet-disc interaction, Astronomy and astrophysics, Solar physics, Radiative transfer
Picture of Øystein Elgarøy Elgarøy, Øystein Professor +47-22855684 +47-92610803 Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Adviser +47-22841140 +47-48006056
Picture of Frank Eliassen Eliassen, Frank Professor +47-22840148 Distributed systems, energy informatics, ubiquitous and mobile systems, self-adaptive software systems, internet of things, middleware, multimedia systems
Picture of Ole Jacob Elle Elle, Ole Jacob Professor II Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Picture of Mikkel Elle Lepperød Elle Lepperød, Mikkel Doctoral Research Fellow