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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Grigorev, Aleksei Andreevich Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Grini, Sigbjørn Doctoral Research Fellow 47091335 SMN
Picture of Anette Eleonora Gunnæs Gunnæs, Anette Eleonora Associate Professor +47-22852812 TEM, Materialvitenskap- og teknologi, Nano- og mikroteknologi, Nanomaterials, Energy challenges, Diffraksjon, SMN
Picture of Emil Sebastian Gutterød Gutterød, Emil Sebastian Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, chemistry, catalysis, metal-organic frameworks, MOF, CO2 hydrogenation, Kinetics, methane to methanol, partial methane oxidation, CONFINE
Picture of Per-Anders Stensby Hansen Hansen, Per-Anders Stensby Researcher +47-48245746 SMN, Solar cells, Thin films, Luminescence, Optics
Picture of Ida Hasle Hasle, Ida Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840656 SMN
Picture of Reidar Haugsrud Haugsrud, Reidar Professor +47-22840659 Chemistry, Solid State Electrochemistry, SMN
Hupfer, Alexander Postdoctoral Fellow SMN
Picture of Franziska Stefanie Ihlefeldt Ihlefeldt, Franziska Stefanie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 285 57409 SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Mads Eide Ingebrigtsen Ingebrigtsen, Mads Eide Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, LENS, Semiconductors, TCO, ZnO, Ga2O3, DLTS
Picture of Laurent Sébastien Béla Jantsky Jantsky, Laurent Sébastien Béla PhD Candidate 228 55676 Inorganic materials chemistry, SMN
Picture of Klaus Magnus Håland Johansen Johansen, Klaus Magnus Håland Researcher +47-22840936 99578163 SMN
Picture of Liv-Elisif Kalland Kalland, Liv-Elisif +47-22840656 SMN, Chemistry, Solid State Ionics, UiODoc
Picture of Jayakumar Karthikeyan Karthikeyan, Jayakumar Research Assistant SMN
Picture of Gurpreet Kaur Kaur, Gurpreet Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Torunn Kjeldstad Kjeldstad, Torunn Doctoral Research Fellow 47669821 SMN, LENS, Semiconductors, Silicon, Atomic Layer Deposition, Solar cells
Picture of Ilia Kolevatov Kolevatov, Ilia Doctoral Research Fellow +47-45465635 Semiconductors, Defects, Solar cells, DLTS, FTIR, SMN
Kumar, Raj Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857756 SMN
Picture of Susmit Kumar Kumar, Susmit Researcher 22857014 SMN, Nanoteknologi, Thin films, Nafuma, Kjemi
Picture of Andrej Kuznetsov Kuznetsov, Andrej Professor +47-22857762 Semiconductors, Nano- and microtechnology, Heterostructures, Radiation phenomena, Detectors, Solar cells, SMN, China
Picture of Julie Nitsche Kvalvik Kvalvik, Julie Nitsche Doctoral Research Fellow 97512297 SMN
Picture of Mustafa Kømurcu Kømurcu, Mustafa Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Andrea Lazzarini Lazzarini, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow +47 40347888 SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Volodymyr Levchenko Levchenko, Volodymyr Doctoral Research Fellow +47 966 54 644 SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis, CONFINE, gold, rhodium, MOF
Picture of Karl Petter Lillerud Lillerud, Karl Petter Professor +47-22855457 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy