Persons tagged with «Chemistry»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mohamed Amedjkouh Amedjkouh, Mohamed Associate Professor +47-22857009 Chemistry, SMN, Catalysis, Energy, Organic chemistry
Picture of Niels Højmark Andersen Andersen, Niels Højmark Senior Engineer +47-22855431 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Picture of Marius Aursnes Aursnes, Marius Researcher +47-22845921 Medicinal chemistry, Chemistry, Life Science, Synthetic organic chemistry, Lipid chemistry, Toxicology
Picture of Vebjørn Bakken Bakken, Vebjørn Senior Adviser +47-22857072 +47-45458107 Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Energy
Picture of David Balcells Balcells, David Researcher +47-22857255 Chemistry
Becher, Georg Professor Emeritus Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chemistry, Environment and climate, Human exposure assessment, Biomonitoring, Organic environmental toxicants
Picture of Tore Benneche Benneche, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22855556 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Bjørn Tore Lønstad Bleken Bleken, Bjørn Tore Lønstad +47-22857428 Catalysis, Chemistry, SMN
Picture of Tore Bonge-Hansen Bonge-Hansen, Tore Associate Professor +47-22855386 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Silvia Bordiga Bordiga, Silvia Professor II +47-22854389 Catalysis, SMN, Chemistry, Energy, Spectrometry
Picture of Arne Joakim Coldevin Bunkan Bunkan, Arne Joakim Coldevin Researcher 55660 Chemistry, Physical chemistry
Buono, Carlo Postdoctoral Fellow SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Gabriele Cordara Cordara, Gabriele Chemistry, Biological chemistry
Picture of Marion Jeanne Louise Duparc Duparc, Marion Jeanne Louise Doctoral Research Fellow +47-46725971 SMN, Nafuma, Chemistry
Picture of Odile Eisenstein Eisenstein, Odile Professor II Chemistry
Picture of Christian Fleischer Fleischer, Christian Doctoral Research Fellow 45275583 SMN, Chemistry, 2D Materials, Photoelectrochemistry, Supercapacitors
Picture of Heike Fliegl Fliegl, Heike Researcher +47-22845923 Chemistry, Theoretical chemistry
Picture of Tyge Greibrokk Greibrokk, Tyge Professor Emeritus +47-22855027 +47-97736704 Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry
Picture of Lise-Lotte Gundersen Gundersen, Lise-Lotte Professor +47-22857019 Chemistry, Organic chemistry
Picture of Emil Sebastian Gutterød Gutterød, Emil Sebastian Doctoral Research Fellow SMN, chemistry, catalysis, metal-organic frameworks, MOF, CO2 hydrogenation, Kinetics, methane to methanol, partial methane oxidation, CONFINE
Picture of Carl Henrik Gørbitz Gørbitz, Carl Henrik Professor +47-22855460 Chemistry, Biological chemistry
Picture of Eddy Walther Hansen Hansen, Eddy Walther Professor +47-22855692 Chemistry, China, NMR
Picture of Reidar Haugsrud Haugsrud, Reidar Professor +47-22840659 Chemistry, Solid State Electrochemistry, SMN
Picture of Julie Elisabeth Heggelund Heggelund, Julie Elisabeth Postdoctoral Fellow Chemistry, Biological chemistry, Life Science, Antibiotic resistance
Picture of Franziska Stefanie Ihlefeldt Ihlefeldt, Franziska Stefanie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 285 57409 SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis