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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Thea Fossum Moen Moen, Thea Fossum Higher Executive Officer +47-22844226
Picture of Beata Urbanczyk Mohebi Mohebi, Beata Urbanczyk Head Engineer +47-22845671
Picture of Steinar Mortensen Mortensen, Steinar Administrative Manager +47-22856752 +47-95217118
Mukherjee, Arunima Sehgal Senior Executive Officer
Murtnes, Espen Higher Executive Officer +47-22856407
Picture of Cato Kristoffer Myhre Myhre, Cato Kristoffer Apprentice
Müller, Jan Christian Senior Engineer
Picture of Øyvind Mørkedal Mørkedal, Øyvind Adviser +47-22855513
Naidoo, Thanusha Head Engineer +47-22856683
Picture of Mufak Said Naoroz Naoroz, Mufak Said Head Engineer +47-22856661
Picture of Emelita Nerli Nerli, Emelita Chief Research Technician +47-22845978
Picture of Ann Hilde Nes Nes, Ann Hilde Section Manager +47-22856338 +47-93017100
Nesman, Jannike Irina Undvp u/gdkj.ped.utd
Picture of Stein Stabelfelt Nielsen Nielsen, Stein Stabelfelt Senior Engineer +47-22856442
Picture of Hilde Nilsen Nilsen, Hilde Head Engineer +47-22845672 99545427
Picture of Ingse M W Noremsaune Noremsaune, Ingse M W Section Manager +47-22855329 +47-99617271 Research support, External funding, EU, ERC, CoE
Picture of Mehdi Noroozi Noroozi, Mehdi Engineer +47-22850457 IT support, IT services, IT support for research, IT support for education, Local IT support
Picture of Lise Marie Nyberg Nyberg, Lise Marie Research Technician
Picture of Jarle Nygard Nygard, Jarle Faculty Director +47-22856290 +47-99169357 99169357
Picture of Solfrid Odnes Odnes, Solfrid Head of Office +47-22856586
Onsrud, Lars Petter Principal Engineer +47-22858167
Picture of Maren S Rasch Onsrud Onsrud, Maren S Rasch Head of Office +47-22854423
Picture of Kirsten Ore Ore, Kirsten Principal Engineer +47-22854737
Picture of Arnstein Orten Orten, Arnstein Senior Engineer +47-22856639 IT-leader, System administration, Linux, Networking
Picture of Randi Frida Ose Ose, Randi Frida Principal Engineer +47-22856633