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Persons 301 - 325 of 365
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anita Austad Smeby Smeby, Anita Austad Higher Executive Officer +47-22855886 Reception
Smith, Mari Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47-22858174 +47-90236229 Department of Geosciences, Project economy
Picture of Lotta Karin Snickare Snickare, Lotta Karin Senior Adviser +47-22855542 Organisation, Leadership, Men, Masculinities, Democracy, Gender, Gender Equality, Decisionmaking
Picture of Vesna Stanimirov Stanimirov, Vesna Senior Executive Officer +47-22845688 School of Pharmacy, Finance
Picture of Knut Staring Staring, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22840880 +47-91880522
Picture of Runar Staveli Staveli, Runar Head Engineer +47-22855581 Finance, Purchasing
Picture of Grete Stavik-Døvle Stavik-Døvle, Grete Adviser +47-22856423 studieadministrasjon, Godkjenning, Opptak, studiekvalitet, Studieplaner, Studieveiledning, Utveksling
Picture of Nanna Winger Steen Steen, Nanna Winger Head Engineer +47-22858171
Picture of Håkon Kvale Stensland Stensland, Håkon Kvale Associate Professor +47-41317406 +47-41317406
Picture of Katrine Langvad Stensløkken Stensløkken, Katrine Langvad Adviser +47-22856538 Studieadministrasjon, Studieveiledning, utveksling, Studiekvalitet
Picture of Camilla Stensrud Stensrud, Camilla Head Engineer +47-22845673
Picture of Halvor Strøm Strøm, Halvor Head Engineer +47 228 56440
Picture of John Sundby Sundby, John Higher Executive Officer +47-22856709 Student and Academic Administration, Examination, Diploma
Picture of Cecilie Mellingsæter Sundet Sundet, Cecilie Mellingsæter Head of Office +47-22840910 Administrative management
Picture of Christine Una Sundtveten Sundtveten, Christine Una Senior Executive Officer +47-22854425
Picture of Jan Arne Sundøy Sundøy, Jan Arne Principal Engineer
Picture of Mari Saua Svalastog Svalastog, Mari Saua Adviser +47-22840924 +47-41477730 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Gro Kind Svendsen Svendsen, Gro Kind Chief Research Technician +47-22844446
Picture of Hanne Sølna Sølna, Hanne Section Manager +47-22856274 +47-95207828
Picture of Linda Therese Sørensen Sørensen, Linda Therese Adviser +47-22856304 +47-45262038
Picture of Terje Sørhaug Sørhaug, Terje Principal Engineer +47-22857385 Local IT support
Picture of Anita Sørlie Sørlie, Anita Senior Executive Officer +47-22856601
Saastad, Jon Higher Executive Officer +47-22858643
Tadesse, Margey Head Engineer
Picture of Andreas Tandberg Tandberg, Andreas Adviser +47-22855750