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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anna Helene Valberg Valberg, Anna Helene Adviser +47-22855715 97182523
Picture of Line Altern Halvorsen Valbø Valbø, Line Altern Halvorsen Head of Office +47-22855472 Payment, Finance, Human resources administrastion, Health safety and environment, Organizational development, Appointments, Strategy, Annual plan, Working environment, Budget
Picture of Tone Grethe Valdal Valdal, Tone Grethe Higher Executive Officer
Varland, Viktor Principal Engineer
Picture of Mari Helén Varøy Varøy , Mari Helén On leave Student and academic administration, Recognition, Admissions, Quality of education, Student guidance, Health, safety and environment (HSE), Fire safety
Picture of Hans Peter Verne Verne, Hans Peter Senior Engineer +47-22840116 +47-95995386
Picture of Ilan Dehli Villanger Villanger, Ilan Dehli Senior Adviser +47-22855545 +47-97579295
Picture of Kristin  Vinje Vinje, Kristin Vice Dean (Innovation and External Relations) +47-22856705 +47 90037562
Vujic, Ivana Adviser +47-22857948 +47-45770144
Wang, Sverre Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard Westgaard, Linda Therese Sørensen Adviser +47-22856304 +47-45262038
Picture of Martin Wiesmann Wiesmann, Martin Head Engineer +47-22857087 Solar Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Beate Wiker Wiker, Beate Senior Executive Officer +47-22854443 Finance, Department of Chemistry, Department of Mathematics
Picture of Jon Wikne Wikne, Jon Senior Engineer +47-22856153 +47-22855076 +47-92285776 ALICE, Oslo Cyclotron Laboratory, Electronics, IT support for research, Measurement and control systems
Picture of Wenche Willoch Willoch, Wenche Editor +47 98 20 31 22 +47 98 20 31 22 Titan, Editor, Research communication, Web publishing
Picture of Nina Woldene Woldene, Nina Senior Executive Officer +47-22857810
Picture of Suthajini Yogarajah Yogarajah, Suthajini Principal Engineer +47-22854366 +47-91608657
Picture of Anne Lene Østli Østli, Anne Lene Higher Executive Officer +47-22840921
Picture of Jan Henrik Øverland Øverland, Jan Henrik Senior Engineer
Picture of Lars Helge Øverland Øverland, Lars Helge Senior Engineer
Picture of Julie Øybø Øybø, Julie Section Manager +47-22858602 +47-90562109
Aaen-Stockdale, Anne Adviser +47-22855398 +47 22 85 53 98
Picture of Halvor Aandal Aandal, Halvor Senior Executive Officer +47-22856585 90203440 Reception, Disputations
Picture of Hoai Thi Nguyen Aas Aas, Hoai Thi Nguyen Head Engineer +47-22856570
Picture of Rein Aasland Aasland, Rein Head of Department +47-22844563 92425456