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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Morten Berntsen Berntsen, Morten Head Engineer +47-22855557
Picture of Marie Berstad Berstad, Marie Higher Executive Officer +47-22857041 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Thomas Bertelsen Bertelsen, Thomas Senior Executive Officer +47-22840955 40866227
Bhatti, Adeel Arif Head Engineer
Bingen, Unni Seniorkonsulent +47-22857017 +47-95735050
Picture of Anniken Rotstigen Birkelund Birkelund, Anniken Rotstigen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854061
Picture of Anne Helene Bjerke Bjerke, Anne Helene Principal Engineer +47-22857120
Picture of Ida Marie Bjørknes Bjørknes, Ida Marie Web editor +47 22 85 86 41 +47 952 12 402 Communication, Web publishing, Web editor, social media
Picture of Vidar Blekastad Blekastad, Vidar Senior Adviser +47-22855469 +47-91337173 Health safety and environment, Handling of chemicals, Laboratory safety, Local working invironment comittee, Fire safety, Ergonomics
Picture of Viktor Bobal Bobal, Viktor Senior Engineer +47-22852892 Semiconductors, SMN
Picture of Sibinka Bogojev Bogojev, Sibinka Førstekonsulent +47-22857268 Department of Biosciences, Finance
Picture of Esra Boncuk Boncuk, Esra Førstekonsulent +47-22858218 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Master education, International cooperation, student exchange
Borrebæk, Ola Senioringeniør +47-22857706 IT services, IT support for research, Local IT support
Picture of Mona Bratlie Bratlie, Mona Assistant Director +47-22856340 45255131
Picture of Bente Amalie Breiby Breiby, Bente Amalie Head Engineer +47-22856134
Picture of Frode Bremnes Bremnes, Frode Senior Adviser +47-22857241
Picture of Efim Brondz Brondz, Efim Senioringeniør +47-22855639
Picture of Eskil Brun Brun, Eskil Senior Engineer +47-22852436 +47-90625406 Linux
Picture of Wenche Brynildsen Brynildsen, Wenche Senior Executive Officer +47-22858333
Bråthen, Kjetil Avdelingsleder +47-22857730 Department of Geosciences, Finance
Picture of Kristin Bråthen Bråthen, Kristin Adviser +47-22852956
Picture of Svein Bøe Bøe, Svein Senior Engineer +47-22840170 +47-92442858
Picture of Lise Bøkenes Bøkenes, Lise Senior Executive Officer +47-22855628
Picture of Nina Børresen Børresen, Nina Higher Executive Officer +47-22856560 TP, Cristin, Web publishing, Reception
Picture of Erlend Bårdsen Bårdsen, Erlend Senioringeniør Electronics