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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of David  Cameron Cameron, David Centre Coordinator +47 22 85 04 46 + 47 48084637 SIRIUS - Centre for Research-driven Innovation, semantic technologies, digitalisation, oil and gas, automation
Picture of Tom Arild Caspersen Caspersen, Tom Arild Adviser +47-22857001 Studentadministration Examination Continuing education
Picture of Ivana Celik Celik, Ivana Rådgiver +47-22855881 project leader
Picture of Øystein Christiansen Christiansen, Øystein Senior Engineer +47-22852462 +47-92429003
Picture of Marita Clausen Clausen, Marita Principal Engineer +47-22844321 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Ellen Hanne Cohen Cohen, Ellen Hanne Head Engineer +47-22856553 +47-92687579 92687579
Picture of Xuemei Cui Cui, Xuemei Higher Executive Officer +47 45171229
Picture of Martina D`Angelo D`Angelo, Martina Higher Executive Officer +47-96714467 SMN, Nafuma, kjemi, TeamSMN
Picture of Gudmund Anders Dalsbø Dalsbø, Gudmund Anders Senior Executive Officer +47-22856684
Picture of Kirsti Ales Dalseth Dalseth, Kirsti Ales Senior Executive Officer +47-22850476
Picture of Kjell Martin Danielsen Danielsen, Kjell Martin Senioringeniør +47-22855014 Particle physics, ATLAS, CERN, Safety Deputy, Purchase
Picture of Gunnar Dick Dick, Gunnar Senior Adviser +47-22858671 +47-40454144
Picture of Kristine Dobbe Dobbe, Kristine Higher Executive Officer +47-22854673 22855600
Picture of Halvor Dolva Dolva, Halvor Head Engineer +47-22859180 +47-92492053 Semiconductor physics
Picture of Tomas Stroop Donnelly Donnelly, Tomas Stroop Senior Executive Officer +47-22856552 90146463 Economical reports, Economy, Finance, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Geology
Picture of Ole Dorholt Dorholt, Ole Senioringeniør +47-22857715
Picture of Biljana Dragisic Dragisic, Biljana Seniorkonsulent +47-22855882 Student guidance, Disputation, PhD, Trial lecture, FS, TP, Exchange
Picture of Lieu Thi Thuy Duong Duong, Lieu Thi Thuy Seniorkonsulent +47-22855447 Student and Academic Administration, Examination, Fronter, Admissions, Courses
Picture of Elin Haug Dyrlie Dyrlie, Elin Haug Financial Officer +47-22844430
Picture of Oddvar Dyrlie Dyrlie, Oddvar Overingeniør +47-22840655 Instrument responsible, SMN
Picture of Morten Dæhlen Dæhlen, Morten Dean +47-22852826 +47-90944612
Picture of Jo Døhl Døhl, Jo Head of Department +47-22855601 90833584 +47 90833584
Picture of Magdalena Edvardsen Edvardsen, Magdalena Higher Executive Officer +47-22856418 +47 90258446
Picture of Trond Eiken Eiken, Trond Senior Engineer +47-22857913 Photogrammetry, GNSS
Picture of Eva Michelsen Ekroll Ekroll, Eva Michelsen Rådgiver +47-22854477 +47 975 38 447 Communication, event coordinator, recruitment, social media