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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anna Mathilde Elisabeth Jarbekk Jarbekk, Anna Mathilde Elisabeth Førstekonsulent +47-22852811 Studieadministrasjon
Picture of Ewa Jaroszewicz Jaroszewicz, Ewa Head Engineer +47-22844948 Microbiology, Life Science, Molecular biology
Picture of Finn-Eirik Johansen Johansen, Finn-Eirik Vice Dean (Research), Professor +47-22857297 +47-97521401
Picture of Ingrid Johansen Johansen, Ingrid Avdelingsingeniør +47-22857793
Picture of Iuliana-Cezarina Aldea Johansen Johansen, Iuliana-Cezarina Aldea Head Engineer +47-22855044
Johansson, Silje Principal Engineer
Picture of Asbjørg Dyveke Johnsen Johnsen, Asbjørg Dyveke Senior Adviser +47-22840560 98878742
Picture of Jan Ingar Johnsen Johnsen, Jan Ingar Head of Office +47-22854826 Finance, Travel, VAT, Basware, Payment
Joten, Vegard Munkeby Head Engineer +47-22856402 97785631
Jørgensen, Sissel Head Engineer +47-22067300
Picture of Kristine Jøssang Jøssang, Kristine Adviser +47-22857104 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education, Web publishing, Student guidance
Picture of Massoud Kaboli Kaboli, Massoud Senioringeniør +47-22854262 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Ole Bjørn Karlsen Karlsen, Ole Bjørn Senioringeniør +47-22840669
Karpen, Lucy Overingeniør 98021088 +47 98021088 Local IT support, User administration, Servers and operating services, User support
Picture of Jørgen Kirksæther Kirksæther, Jørgen Senior Adviser +47-22855618 EU, Project management, International cooperation, Research support
Picture of Helge Engeseth Kleivane Kleivane, Helge Engeseth Senior Executive Officer +47-22859844 +47-48224075
Picture of Martine Müller Kloster Kloster, Martine Müller Senior Executive Officer +4722855425 Web publishing
Picture of Tove Klungervik Klungervik, Tove Head Engineer +47-22854650
Picture of Sissel Knatterød Knatterød, Sissel Higher Executive Officer +47-22854358 +47-90856877
Picture of Kristine Aall S. Knudsen Knudsen, Kristine Aall S. Kontorsjef +47-22851480
Picture of Terje Knudsen Knudsen, Terje Senioringeniør +47-22852748 +47-93023847
Picture of Trine-Lise  Knudsen Gørbitz Knudsen Gørbitz , Trine-Lise Administrative leader, CEED +47-22856435
Picture of Solveig  Kristensen Kristensen, Solveig Vice Dean (Studies and Education), Professor +47-22854218 +47-40286574
Kristiansen, Bård Overingeniør +47-22855802 Local IT support, User administration, Servers and operating services, User support
Kristiansen, Simen Principal Engineer +47-22856013