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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Trine-Lise  Knudsen Gørbitz Knudsen Gørbitz , Trine-Lise Administrative leader, CEED +47-22856435
Picture of Solveig  Kristensen Kristensen, Solveig Vice Dean (Studies and Education), Professor +47-22854218 +47-40286574
Kristiansen, Bård Head Engineer +47-22855802 Servers and operating services, User administration, User support, Local IT support
Kristiansen, Simen Principal Engineer +47-22856013
Picture of Magnus Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Magnus Head Engineer +47-22858187
Picture of Tore Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Tore Senior Engineer +47-22852894 Windows
Picture of Per Olav Kvernberg Kvernberg, Per Olav Head Engineer +47-22855418 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Terje Kvernes Kvernes, Terje Senior Engineer +47-22855802 +47-41573210 User administration, User support, Servers and operating services, Local IT support
Picture of Kari Kveseth Kveseth, Kari +47-22855698 93228148 932 28 148
Picture of Olav Stanly Kyrvestad Kyrvestad, Olav Stanly Senior Engineer +47-22852412 +47-93401045 Electronics, Nanoelectronics and robotics, CAD, Purchasing, IT support for research, HES, IT support for education
Picture of Berit Kaasa Kaasa, Berit Head Engineer +47-22854554
Picture of Tino Lamprecht Lamprecht, Tino Higher Executive Officer +47-22856945
Picture of Eva Kathrin Lang Lang, Eva Kathrin Higher Executive Officer +47-22854022 TeamSMN, SMN, Chemistry, Catalysis
Picture of Bjørn Langrekken Langrekken, Bjørn Head Engineer +47-22845853 Instrument maker, Fine mechanics, Prototypes, Central workshop, Optics, Instrument service, Mechanics, Microscope service, Electromechanics, Electronics
Picture of Marit Langrekken Langrekken, Marit Head Engineer +47-22857772
Picture of Marit Larsen Larsen, Marit Higher Executive Officer +47-22852879 SMN
Picture of Tove Larsen Larsen, Tove Head Engineer +47-22856588 +47-97510240 Pharmaceutics, Instrumentation, Web editor
Latif, Adnan Senior Adviser
Lebesbye, Torgeir Head Engineer +47-22852419
Picture of Marit Ledsaak Ledsaak, Marit Head Engineer +47-22856670
Picture of Torben Leifsen Leifsen, Torben Senior Engineer +47-22857523 +47-45255580 Local IT support, IT support for research, Servers and operating services
Picture of Kim Nes Leirvik Leirvik, Kim Nes Head Engineer
Picture of Erika Anita Leslie Leslie, Erika Anita Senior Engineer +47-22854589 90539240
Lid, Marthe Principal Engineer +47-22856577 analysis, Analytical chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Chemistry
Picture of Karoline Tufte Lien Lien, Karoline Tufte Senior Engineer +4792869892 Health Information Systems, Global South, Global Health