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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Kim Nes Leirvik Leirvik, Kim Nes Head Engineer
Picture of Erika Anita Leslie Leslie, Erika Anita Senior Engineer +47-22854589 90539240
Lid, Marthe Principal Engineer +47-22856577 analysis, Analytical chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Chemistry
Picture of Karoline Tufte Lien Lien, Karoline Tufte Senior Engineer +4792869892 Health Information Systems, Global South, Global Health
Picture of Kjell Rune Lind Lind, Kjell Rune Principal Engineer Instrument workshop
Lingaas, Else Marie On leave
Picture of Maren Charlotte Lithun Lithun, Maren Charlotte Head Engineer Mechanics, Prototyping, Simulations, CAD
Picture of Alice Aké Loba Loba, Alice Aké Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Dag Magnus Loose Loose, Dag Magnus Principal Engineer +47-22856424 HMS, Innkjøp
Picture of Bjørn Lybekk Lybekk, Bjørn Senior engineer (+47) 2285 5642 (+47) 957 34 295 (+47) 957 34 295 [] is replaced with @ bjorn.lybekk[] Space Physics, GPS-disturbances, Aurora, Satellites
Picture of Hege Lynne Lynne, Hege Head Safety Representative + 47-22844040 + 47- 97147050
Picture of Hilde Lynnebakken Lynnebakken, Hilde Information officer + 47 22 85 64 26 + 47 48 20 52 20 social media, Communication, Research communication, Web editor
Picture of Ina Maiquez Maiquez, Ina Administrative Manager +47-22855507
Picture of Dariusz Makulus Makulus, Dariusz Executive Officer +47-22855577
Picture of Vanitha Marimuthu Marimuthu, Vanitha Senior Executive Officer +47-22858215 Department of Mathematics, Finance, Economy
Martinez, Jean Raphael Adviser +47-22856275
Martinsen, Per Øivind +47-22857092 +47-99707732
Picture of Bård Enger Mathiesen Mathiesen, Bård Enger Principal Engineer +47-22854567
Picture of Cecilie Mathiesen Mathiesen, Cecilie Head Engineer +47-22845982
Picture of Helena Båserud Mathisen Mathisen, Helena Båserud Senior Executive Officer +47-22855907 mandatory assignments
Picture of Daniel Meisler Meisler, Daniel Senior Executive Officer +47-22854498
Mellbye, Ann Elisabeth Adviser +47-22854611
Picture of Elina Melteig Melteig, Elina Adviser +47-22844304 90561361 Media, Press contact, Web editor, Social media, SMN
Picture of El Houssine Merrachi Merrachi, El Houssine Senior Engineer +47-22857437 Teaching Laboratory
Picture of Helge Midtun Midtun, Helge Adviser +47-22856394 95744912