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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bergkvam, Øystein Senior Adviser +47-22856345 Examination, Cheating, National Student Database, Diploma, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Stian Engen Engen, Stian Adviser +47-22840262 Studieadministrasjon, Forskerutdanning
Grenheim, Line Senior Executive Officer +47-22845784
Picture of Ellen Kristine Grøholt Grøholt, Ellen Kristine Adviser +47-22844865 Mobility, Quality of education, HSE, Exchange, Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation, Recognition
Picture of Yvonne  Halle Halle, Yvonne Senior Executive Officer 22856346 Student and Academic Administration, Quality of education, Programme descriptions, Courses, Learning environment, Web publishing
Picture of Anne-Lise Siljeholm Hansen Hansen, Anne-Lise Siljeholm Senior Adviser +47-22858093 +47-48276884
Hodnebrug, Ina Senior Executive Officer +47-22856334
Hoel, Cecilia Senior Executive Officer +47-22856343
Haavik, Sølvi Adviser +47-22855748
Picture of Marianne Jacobsen Jacobsen, Marianne Adviser +47-22858319 Recognition, Infocentre, Web publishing, Student guidance, Student and Academic Administration, Student life
Picture of Kristine Jøssang Jøssang, Kristine Adviser +47-22857104 Student guidance, Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Web publishing
Picture of Helge Engeseth Kleivane Kleivane, Helge Engeseth Senior Executive Officer +47-22859844 +47-48224075
Picture of Sissel Knatterød Knatterød, Sissel Higher Executive Officer +47-22854358 +47-90856877
Lingaas, Else Marie On leave
Martinez, Jean Raphael Adviser +47-22856275
Picture of Ingrid Sand Sand, Ingrid Senior Executive Officer +47-22854121
Picture of Tone Skramstad Skramstad, Tone Senior Adviser +47-22858646 +47-93092281
Picture of John Sundby Sundby, John Higher Executive Officer +47-22856709 Student and Academic Administration, Diploma, Examination
Picture of Hanne Sølna Sølna, Hanne Section Manager +47-22856274 +47-95207828
Picture of Andreas Tandberg Tandberg, Andreas Adviser +47-22855750
Picture of Cathrine Wahlstrøm Tellefsen Tellefsen, Cathrine Wahlstrøm Senior Lecturer +47-22855757 +47-90026577 +4790026577
Picture of Christian Thorn Thorn, Christian Senior Executive Officer +47-22858475
Picture of Natalia Utkina Utkina, Natalia Adviser +47-22856341
Picture of Ilan Dehli Villanger Villanger, Ilan Dehli Senior Adviser +47-22855545 +47-97579295
Picture of Linda Therese Sørensen Westgaard Westgaard, Linda Therese Sørensen Adviser +47-22856304 +47-45262038