Centre for Digital Life Norway

Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) is a national center for biotechnology training, research and innovation.

DNL is a response to the strategic initiative “Digital Life – convergence for innovation” funded by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC). DLN is a virtual center, currently involving twelve major research projects, and managed by a joint leadership network from NTNU, UiB and UiO.

Further information visit Centre for Digital Life Norway.


Centre for Digital Life Norway at UiO:

Governance- and network project

The Faculty of Medicine and The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences are responsible for:

Research Projects 

Centre for Digital Life Norway Research School

UiO is part of the consortium for the Centre for Digital Life Research School where Lex Nedebragt (IBV, MN) is UiO's representative on the board.

DLN Board

The DLN Board is chaired by Dean of Research Finn-Eirik Johansen (MN).

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