Admission to single courses and registration for vacant places on courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

You may take single courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences without having been admitted to a programme of study.

You may apply for admission to single courses at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

If you have been admitted to a PhD programme at another educational institution, you may apply for guest student status for natural sciences PhD courses.


In order to be evaluated for admission, applicants must fulfill the basic entrance requirements to Norwegian universities, called Higher Education Entrance Qualification or generell studiekompetanse in Norwegian. Applicants from most European countries are eligible for admission upon completion of the secondary school leaving certificate that provides the basis for admission to university studies in the home country. Entrance requirements for applicants from non-European countries may include one or two years of university studies in addition to secondary school. In addition, applicants must fulfill the language requirements in Norwegian and English. Read more on the webpage: the basic requirements to Norwegian Universities.

There is an exemption from the Norwegian language requirement for admission to 'Single course studies' on Masters level for courses taught in English. Please note that the English proficiency requirement will be strictly obeyed for admission to these courses.

Registration for vacant places for teaching and exams in natural sciences courses

It is possible to register for vacant places on courses after the main admissions process is complete.

Registration for vacant places requires that you have been admitted to a study programme. This means that you are either a programme student on one of our study programmes or a student on an individual course.


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