Registration for vacant places for teaching and exams in natural sciences courses

After the first round of admissions is complete, it will be possible to register for courses with vacant places.

If you are a new single course student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in the Autumn of 2014, you will have to wait until registration opens for vacant places in order to register for teaching and exams.

 In order to register for a vacant place for teaching and exams in a course, you must have been admitted to a study programme associated with the course. This means:

  • Be a programme student on one of our study programmes
  • Have a study right to take single courses in science

How do I sign up for a vacant place for teaching and exams in a course?

Courses with vacant Places in the Autumn semester will be available in Studentweb from August 19. The registration deadline for a vacant place on a course in the Autumn of 2014 is the 1st of September.

  • You can apply for admission to courses via Studentweb. For biology courses you can apply for a vacant place by contacting the Department of Biosciences.
  • All students who are interested in a course should attend the first lecture. Any vacant places will be made available at the earliest on the day after the first lecture.
  • When registration for vacant places opens, admissions will be made on a rolling basis as students withdraw from and apply to courses.
Published Mar. 10, 2011 10:42 PM - Last modified Mar. 24, 2014 3:59 PM